The Foo Fighters Take over Harley Davidson’s Love Ride

Foo Fighters
Pomona Fairgrounds – Pomona, CA

Dave Grohl – guitar/vocal
Taylor Hawkins – drums
Nate Mendel – bass
Chris Shiflett – guitar

Foo Fighters Pomona Fairgrounds - Pomona, CA 10/26/2008

The Foo Fighters took part in California’s Bike Week, performing for thousands on-stage in Pomona Fairgrounds for Harley Davidson’s 25th Anniversary Love Ride.

It was very apparent that people were there to see Dave Grohl and the guys. ZZ Top Headlined the show, and they are Rock gods, but the Foo Fighters should have headlined that show. Many fans of all ages ran to the stage early to get their up-front spots so they could have their moment in fandom with Dave Grohl.

Foo Fighters Pomona Fairgrounds - Pomona, CA 10/26/2008The show was stellar to say the least. It was a first for me, but not The Dead Hub. We covered them this year when they hit Chicago. Dave hit the stage with his Coors Light beer can and started to rock. They opened with “All My Life” and then “Times Like These.” You know you are in for a treat when an artist starts with some of their big songs. The hit songs didn’t end there either. The guys ripped into “Learning to Fly” and a blues-driven “Young Man Blues” by the Who. They also played new songs “One Long Road to Ruins.”

Then came the part that I was looking forward to, which was Dave playing acoustically onstage. He opened his mini-acoustic set with “Miracle” then “My Hero.” Dave is great about involving the crowd and getting the crowd to sing right along with him. “My Hero” was a great example of that. He had the crowd singing the chorus for him.

Foo Fighters Pomona Fairgrounds - Pomona, CA 10/26/2008The band then was introduced to all the Love Ride concert goers. The best was when Jesse Green was rocking out on her violin and Dave prepped all of us for the “Greatest Triangle Solo EVER!” It was the best and ONLY triangle solo I’ve seen, so Dave was right on the ball with that one. Taylor Hawkins then took to the mic and sang “Cold Day in the Sun.”

Its not a Foo Fighter concert without “Everlong” and the day ended with “The Pretender.” They played at 12:15pm so it was nice and light out for everyone to see the stage. After they left the stage there was a mass exodus to the exit. It appeared that much of the younger crowd left before ZZ Top. Thus, that’s why the Foo Fighters should have headlined the days festivities.

P.S. : Among the celebrities watching the show was Gene Simmons.

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