Rev Theory in Vegas @ The Pearl Theater

Rev Theory
The Pearl – Las Vegas, CA

Rich Luzzi – Vocals
Matty McCloskey – Bass, Vocals
Julien Jorgensen – Guitar
Rikki Lixx – Guitar
Dave Agoglia – DrumsRev Theory The Pearl - Las Vegas, CA 10/30/2008

I was turned onto Rev Theory by a friend leaving their CD in my car. Since I don’t really listen to CDs in my car anymore and my Zune player is on the fritz, the CD received heavy play for the month it was sitting in there. People who jumped in my car would ask me, ” Who are you listening to?” I would say Rev Theory and one musician said, “They sound like good Midwestern Rock!” It’s funny because they are from New York. I would call it radio rock myself. Never-the-less, the album is something I now own myself and for the first in awhile have memorized the entire CD. That is always a good sign.

Rev Theory The Pearl - Las Vegas, CA 10/30/2008On that note, we were able to catch Rev Theory live and meet the guys when they opened for Hinder on their current Jager Music Tour at The Palms in Vegas. They were sandwiched between Trapt and Hinder. The band has so much energy they could have headlined the show.

Their set was filled with most of the songs off their new album Light it Up. The stage was set for action and a they certainly delivered. No one in the band stood still and they jumped from raiser to raiser.

From gaging the audience it appeared they gained more fans that night in Vegas. They defied the saying “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” Well for the show at least, I am not going to go into details about the party up in the Hugh Hefner Suit at the Fantasy Towers. Those stories will stay in that Tower.

I wish they could have played longer. I dare to say they owned the night with all the energy they exerted. It was heart-pounding Rock and Roll. I do wish they would have played “Ten Years” from Light it Up, but that is my only complaint of the night.

Their Set for the night:

Wanted Man
Light It Up
Favorite Disease
Broken Bones
Song off First Album
Hell Yeah

They are currently on tour to support Light It Up with Trapt and Hinder sponsored by Jager.

Photos of Rev Theory in Vegas:

Tour Dates:

Nov 4 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ The Wiltern w/ Hinder Los Angeles, California
Nov 10 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ The Swamp / Hinder Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Nov 12 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ Ram’s Head Live w/ Hinder Baltimore, Maryland
Nov 14 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ The Palladium w/ Hinder Worcester, Massachusetts
Nov 15 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ Crocodile Rock Cafe w/ Hinder Allentown, Pennsylvania
Nov 16 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ Wellmont Theatre w/ Hinder Montclair, New Jersey
Nov 19 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Nokia Theatre Times Square w/ Hinder New York, New York
Nov 20 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ House of Blues w/ Hinder Atlantic City, New Jersey
Nov 22 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ House of Blues w/ Hinder North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Nov 23 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ The Valarium w/ Hinder Knoxville, Tennessee
Nov 24 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ Rick’s Cafe w/ Hinder Starkville, Mississippi
Nov 26 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ Cain’s Ballroom w/ Hinder Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nov 28 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Shrine Mosque w/Hinder Springfield, Missouri
Nov 29 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Sokol Auditorium w/ Hinder Omaha, Nebraska
Nov 30 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ The Cotillion Ballroom w/ Hinder Wichita, Kansas
Dec 2 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ First Avenue w/ Hinder Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dec 3 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Val Air Ballroom w/ Hinder Des Moines, Iowa
Dec 4 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Beaumont Club w/ Hinder Kansas City, Missouri
Dec 6 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Nokia Theatre w/ Hinder Grand Prairie, Texas
Dec 7 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Verizon Wireless Theater w/ Hinder Houston, Texas
Dec 9 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Pop’s w/ Hinder Sauget, Illinois
Dec 11 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ The Eagles Club w/ Hinder Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dec 12 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Bogart’s w/ Hinder Cincinnati, Ohio
Dec 13 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Piere’s w/ Hinder Fort Wayne, Indiana
Dec 15 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Ervin J Nutter Center w/ Hinder Dayton, Ohio
Dec 17 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ The Orbit Room w/ Hinder Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dec 18 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Wedgewood Entertainment Center w/ Hinder Youngstown, Ohio
Dec 19 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Clutch Cargos w/ Hinder Detroit, Michigan
Dec 20 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour at House of Blues w/ Hinder Cleveland, Ohio
Dec 22 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Pepsi Center w/ Hinder Indianapolis, Indiana

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