Metro Station at the House of Blues in Chicago

Metro Station
House of Blues – Chicago, IL

Metro Station House of Blues - Chicago, IL 10/24/2008

Shake! Shake! Shake! Shake it! Shake it!! We all know and love this song by Metro Station. I know I personally sing it everyday, every dull moment I get just to perk me up.  When I found out Metro station was coming to town, I leaped on the opportunity to see them live. Metro station rocked the House in Chicago at the House of Blues on a rainy Friday night in the city, it was definitely the place to be!

Metro Station House of Blues - Chicago, IL 10/24/2008Metro station- this electro pop band definitely had everyone shake in it! The show was awesome; the performance to say the least was electrifying, youthful and fun! The crowd danced all night to their catchy dance beats and hooks. I enjoyed every minute of the show, The floors literally were bouncing as they preformed from the crowd jumping and dancing. I cannot wait to see them again, the band was great.

Collectively the band has a great energy, there songs are catching and upbeat, and have this underlying emotion of yearning. Metro Station has the perfect blend of diverse personality; radical, fun, smooth and chill. Trace Cyrus is so chill; I loved his sunglasses and his mild temperament. I especially enjoyed Mason Musso he has so much energy! During the show he constantly jumped off this 10-15 foot stand, like literally all night! He must have jumped off this stand at least 3 times per song, it was awesome he has so much energy! Blake Healy the synthesizer player was definitely feeling music he rocked out to every song. And Anthony Improgo the drummer was also definitely very in tune to his drum beats, he was so focused!

The show gets 4 stars from me. It was a great way end a long week of work and classes. The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is because I really wish, that when they preformed “Shake it” that they had more energy behind it, I sort of feel that they might’ve been a little tired, since they did play it last, but that song is so fun and full of life it deserves to really be preformed. And a little part of me also thought that there would be a dance off just like in the video (which is so awesome) during the song too… lol wishful thinking I know. So I don’t know maybe if they would have played it sooner in the show it would’ve been better. But overall, even with that said; it was a great show!

Thank you guys for reading, and A huge thanks to Metro Station for doing such a great Job in Chicago!

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  1. Janet says:

    I was totally there that night too! they were awesome!! and great photos.

  2. Tony Woods says:

    The style and capture is very intense. I love the way that the photographer captures movement and the moment. It feels as if I was there! Great Job!

  3. Raymond_6746 says:

    i really like the quality of the pics..and it makes me interested with the band…excellent work for the photographer…really nice

  4. Victoria says:

    This looks like it was a ton of fun and high energy. What’s up with the blow up dolls in the background? Ha Ha. Good review and I dig the awesome pics!

  5. art says:

    man those photos are really good, especially the close ups of the guitarist.

  6. Nathan Lim says:

    christopher is undeniably the next greatest photographer of our time. watch out for the premier of l’image hatsu, by the same genius photographer, this winter!!

  7. Lam says:

    The pictures are amazing and definitely capture the feel of a high-energy live performance. Great job reviewing the quality of the show and outlining the finer points of both the crowd and band dynamic.

  8. joyce says:

    GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!!!!!!!

    Pictures and Reviews can’t be beat. Pictures sure got my attention.
    Keep Up the Good Work!!!

  9. Ron says:

    I like the pictures, and I also like your description of the band sounds like a very nice concert and a great way to alleviate some of that stress from school and work.. Your photos look like some professional stuff out of a magazine no Lie.. Thats pretty damn good shots for them to be i n motion like that

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