Another Legend Lost – Mitch Mitchell Found Dead 11/12

Nearly all music lovers know who Jimi Hendrix was; A legendary guitar god known for lighting his guitar on fire at the Monterey Pop festival in ’67, playing with strips of acid in his headband (said to be rumor), and ultimately dying at the peak of his hype like so many of the greats.

Without a doubt, Hendrix is one of the greatest guitar players that ever lived but it should be noted that Hendrix played with an amazing drummer, Mitch Mitchell, in his band The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Mitchell, along with Keith Moon and Neil Peart are considered some of the most influential drummers of all time. How Diamond of Low vs. Diamond mentions both Keith Moon and Mitch Mitchell in my interview a few months ago: Link To Interview

Getting to the point, Mitch Mitchell was found dead in his Portland, OR hotel room on November 12th, 2008, while on tour with Experience Hendrix. The death is believed to be of natural causes and no foul play is suspected, according to Associated Press.

Mitchell was the last remaining member of the legendary Jimi Hendrix Experience of yesteryear. Mitchell played with many artists throughout his career including Rolling Stones, John Lennon, and Eric Clapton. Another great dies but the legend lives on.

Farewell Mitch Mitchell.

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