The Jealous Girlfriends & Nada Surf Start Winter Tour Next Week

Make Spin Magazine’s: Best of CMJ 2008
Debut Video For “Organs On The Kitchen Floor” Out Now
Headline Studio At Webster Hall December 10th

SPIN MAGAZINE: BEST OF CMJ 2008 : “…bubbled in droning, reverb drenched crescendos that evoked Mazzy Star, if the seminal ’90s band were on a heavy dose of speed.” ” Loud and crashing yet tender, The Jealous Girlfriends are a festival fave thus far.”

Click Here To View Debut Video For “Organs On The Kitchen Floor”

Pitchfork Media: “Jealous Girlfriends make straightforward, moody, and melodic guitar rock, in a niche established by the more stylish New York guitar bands of the past five years.”

Tripwire: “ultimately with the Jealous Girlfriends, the sound is so uniquely theirs, just as that venue was theirs during their half-hour set. As I watched the show, I just kept thinking, these kids have it figured out. They’re great live performers; enthralling to watch and with a mood that’s infectious. Even beyond the first row, which was populated mostly with friends and number-one-fan types, the room was mesmerized by the Jealous Girlfriends. And I was no exception.”

Filter Magazine:” The Girlfriends have got something for you, and its pretty damn good”

The Tripwire: “The Jealous Girlfriends are a Brooklyn quartet that sounds like Mazzy Star seducing the New Pornographers. It’s a mix of longing shoegaze and perfect pop, creating a lush and wonderful pallet of wonderful complimentary sounds…Summertime in the sun belongs to the Beach Boys, but when the sun goes down evenings in the summer now belong to The Jealous Girlfriends.”

New York Times: The Jealous Girlfriends, one of the best new bands in New York, float through soft and erotic clouds of guitar and keyboards that can turn grungy and turbulent” (Ben Sisario)

LA Times (Buzz Band Feature): “The Jealous Girlfriends played their first Los Angeles show on Thursday night, and it made me, well, a bit jealous I hadn’t seen the Brooklyn quartet before.”(Kevin Bronson)

New York Magazine: ” An impressive, unsigned local quartet distinguished by its shimmering, synthy melodies and fresh vocal sound”

Billboard: “…the Jealous Girlfriends have honed and refined their raw craft, a Spoon-like modern twist on guitar rock”

L Magazine: “This is one of the strongest voices I’ve ever heard live in my entire life, and I don’t want it to stop.” Things got a bit more fast-paced throughout the rest of the show, as they rolled through one hook-filled dream-pop song after another, and Miranda never did stop singing. But she was joined by guitarist Josh Abbot, who shares singing duties on every song and provides the invaluable contrast that makes the band so interesting”

The Jealous Girlfriends make it work. The Brooklyn four-piece pull together the tunefulness of Anglo New Wave and BritPop, the aggression and energy of Washingtonian indie rock – both district and state – and infuse it all with a little soul, working an alchemy that transforms these base musical elements into songs crackling with tension and excitement that are instantly memorable while revealing something new with every listen.

Overtop a rhythmic foundation laid down by drummer Michael Fadem, Josh Abbott and Holly Miranda’s buzzsaw guitars carom and careen against Alex Lipsen’s square wave synths as their voices duet and duel overtop in tones that are playful and plaintive, menacing and mesmerizing. It’s this potent lineup that has crafted their eponymous album following a 2005 debut EP featuring only Miranda and Lipsen.

The Jealous Girlfriends have already achieved a tremendous amount for a wholly independent band, earning that blessing and curse of being one of the best-kept secrets in independent music. Now signed to Good Fences Records, they’re set to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Armed with hooks, barbs, and velvet-lined bludgeons, The Jealous Girlfriends – the album – makes a striking statement that reveals The Jealous Girlfriends – the band – as an outfit that bends and pushes against the boundaries of rock music not so much with the intent to break them, but simply to see what kind of shapes they can make.

Winter Tour

11/21/08 Hailey’s Denton, TX
11/22/08 Emo’s Austin, TX
11/24/08 Bricktown Ballroom Oklahoma City, OK
11/25/08 Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom Little Rock, AR
11/28/08 Fine Line Music Cafe Minneapolis, MN
11/29/08 Metro Chicago, IL
12/02/08 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
12/04/08 Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia, PA
12/05/08 9:30 Club Washington, DC
12/08/08 Maxwell’s Hoboken, NJ
12/10/08 The Studio@ Webster Hall New York, NY

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