Interview with Italian Pop Singer Elisa and her Upcoming Stop in San Diego, California

The Belly Up Tavern
with opener Ari Hest
$14.00 at the door

Elisa Toffoli is very popular Italian pop artist and is making her rounds on her first US and Canadian tour. You might have heard her song “Dancing” before on Dancing with the Stars. We caught up with Elisa as she was making her way to San Diego for tomorrow night’s performance at the Belly Up Tavern in San Diego, CA. She is out in support of her latest album Dancing.  Check out her Myspace for videos and songs from Dancing.

Interview with Elisa after the jump…

The Dead Hub: This is your first US and Canadian tour. How is the United States treating you?

Elisa: Very well, and I am pleased with the shows. It’s been very nice and warm. I am playing very small venues in the Unites States compared to Italy. I am enjoying meeting all the fans and promoters.

DH: How is this US tour different from a tour in Italy?

Elisa: In Italy I have my audience with more intimate relations. I have a history of 6 records(in Italy) and here is new and fresh with no history.

DH: Which if your favorite song to play live off your Dancing album?

Elisa: I enjoy playing Waves because of the piano and guitar because I usually not playing so much(on stage live). I have a bigger band and now there is less musicians, 4 pieces. I am enjoying that a lot. Goes by really fast.

DH: Any good stories from the road so far?

Elisa: There are plenty of good stories. In Italy everything is more luxurious. On the road its like a rock and roll adventure. My sound engineer is a gentlemen and elegant and to seeing him in the cold wearing gloves toting flight cases, its funny to see. Usually there is someone ironing show clothes and (now) everyone is on their own.

DH: What is a typical day for you like out on the road?

Elisa: Wake up late on the bus, around 12 noon. Get up eat fruit and drink coffee. Then walk around. I bought a camera in Chicago. We load in and I take pictures. Soundcheck-eat-change-warm-up. Then I dive into the music for hour and half. Meet fans afterwords and then we get back on the bus to watch a movie, play on my acoustic guitar.

DH: Have you written any new music on the road?

Elisa: Yes, I didn’t want to bring my journals this time. I didn’t want to write and change old material. I bought new journals and wrote little things here and there. I brought a small digital recorder along too.

DH: Who are you listening to right now?

Elisa: Right now, Wolfmother’s “Joker and the Thief”. There is something vintage about it. It has an incredible sound. It gives me lots of energy. Also the Raconteurs and the last record.

DH: What are you doing after the tour?

Elisa: Finally go back home and start work on the new material. Been wanting to do that for a long time. We did the big show in Italy with dancers, gymnasts, and video artists. It took us 5 months to put it together and then we prepared for the American Tour.

On a personal note I’d like to thank Elisa for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with me and I look forward to her show at the Belly Up tomorrow night. Come to the show and say Hello!

The Belly Up Tavern
with opener Ari Hest
$14.00 at the door

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