Spooonful Delivers The Best New Music Right To Your Inbox

Introducing A New Website For The Masses Of Good Taste
WWW.SPOOONFUL.COM (Yes, That’s three O’s) Launches This November 2008

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“…..or maybe you’re simply too busy to spend time looking for new music and you’d rather that new music could just come looking for you for once.  A nice little service called SpOOOnful has a solution to that problem.” EvolvingMusic.Com

“Looky, Looky, Looky.  I mean Listen, Listen, Listen. Ok, this makes me so happy…..a new site that puts you (yes you!) in touch with cool new music.  It is not a music site that will overwhelm you with tons of recommendations… It’s sort of like having your very own younger, cooler, in the know sister who has lots of time to check out live shows and report back…” DomesticReflections.Com

Spooonful.com (www.spooonful.com) is a new, free weekly email newsletter and website that introduces subscribers to one great new artist or band at a time.  The newsletter is based on the premise that most people who love finding out about new bands simply don’t have the time to discover them between all of the other responsibilities of life. Spooonful allows people to stay connected to new music by sending a simple, easy to follow email once per week.Each Tuesday, Spooonful subscribers are introduced to a different musician or band in a newsletter that contains the following information:·     Photo, genre of music and short bio
·     Familiar examples of comparative artists, e.g., “if you like X, you’ll also like…”
·     Free streaming of one track
·     Upcoming tour dates
·     Links to buy their music and find out more
The Spooonful.com newsletter covers several music genres ranging from indie rock to singer-songwriter, dance/ electronica, hip-hop, indie pop and folk. Several bands featured to date include the critically-acclaimed, genre-bending Santogold, baroque popsters Fleet Foxes, eclectic dance outfit MGMT and Sweden’s newest pop sensation Lykke Li.

“I found that friends were asking my advice about where to find new music on a regular basis,” says co-founder Stacy Horne. “It seemed that despite the wealth of music magazines, blogs and music sharing websites, there wasn’t a simple way for people who felt ‘out of the loop’ to stay connected to new music in the same ways they did when they were younger and had more time. Spooonful grew out of this desire to provide an easy, straightforward service for people to stay plugged into new music without having to do any legwork on their own.”
Spooonful aims to showcase a wide range of up and coming artists, including those lauded by music critics and early-adopters, but virtually unknown to a wider audience.

The free, weekly newsletter is delivered to a member’s inbox (upon sign up at www.spooonful.com) on Tuesday mornings. The newsletter does not accept money for its editorial opinions and is not affiliated with any record label.

Spooonful is co-founded by Stacy Horne who has 13 years experience in the live music industry and Amos Schwartzfarb, who has 12 years experience growing start-up web properties.

For more information contact:  stacy@spooonful.com or amos@spooonful.com

Visit the website at www.spooonful.com

For Press Contact Kip Kouri – kip@tellallyourfriendspr.com

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