Emily Hurd’s A Cache in the Warehouse Floor

Emily Hurd
A Cache in Warehouse Floor
Available on iTunes

A Cache in the Warehouse Floor is the latest release from singer/songwriter Emily Hurd.
Cache is her 5th studio release. She started off on Columbia College’s AEMMP Records them moved onto release the records independently.

Emily Hurd 2Emily’s sound has grown and matured from her very first album Lines. Lines was Emily and her piano and took more of the piano sound, dare I say Norah Jones-ish. Granted that’s not a bad thing. I remember sitting next to her in class and discussing what the people producing Lines wanted her to sound like versus what she really sounds like. Of course, this story is similar to most artists who step foot into a contract with a label, large or small. On the flipside, A Cache in the Warehouse Floor incorporates the blues and the horn arrangement that could have come right from a Chicago album. It is very clear that Emily is in control and shines through on this album.

I have been listening to the album for a couple weeks now and I find myself going back to the same two songs on the record. “Strings” is the second track off CD and takes me to the bluegrass roots and sitting on a porch on the bayou off the Mississippi. The song is about getting rid of the small things that are attached to the memories of things we’d all rather forget.

Emily hurd 1

“My Good Enough” is my favorite track of the record. If you were going to listen to or download one song of the entire album, I would recommend this one. It is in the minor keys setting the mood for a smoke filled bar and a woman singing the blues. She’s singing about how her good enough wasn’t good enough to tell her lover that she loves him. The song is the ultimate “I’m sorry & I regret” song.

Watch out for Emily as she’s not stopping what she does best and that’s writing and spending quality time at her piano and on the road.

Emily’s Tour Dates:

Dec 13 2008 6:30P Severson Dells Nature Center Rockford, Illinois
Jan 17 2009 7:00P The Village Theatre Canton Township, Michigan
Jan 24 2009 9:00P Mead Street Station Denver, Colorado
Jun 4 2009 7:00P Songwriter Sessions Oxford, Massachusetts
Jun 20 2009 8:00P Private Party Chicago, Illinois

More Dates to Come!

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