The Death Set Rocks Congress Theater

The Death Set
Congress Theater – Chicago,IL

The Death Set Congress Theater - Chicago,IL 11/08/2008

Australian punk rockers, The Death Set, seemed to be an unusual pairing for headliner Girl Talk. That is exactly what made them the perfect choice for a supporting act. With Girl Talk mashing up everyone from Elton John to Notorious B.I.G., I’d like to think the fans are open to most kinds of music. Some in-your-face punk rockin’ was just what fans needed before a 2-hour dance party.

While dancing on stage to some Girl Talk, I ran in to lead singer, Johnny Siera. I asked him how he managed to get on tour with Girl Talk. He replied very eloquently in his Aussie accent, “I worked my balls off man.”

The music they played wasn’t quite memorable but their live show most definitely was. Lead singer Johnny Siera packed a whole lot of energy into the short opening set and when he wasn’t running around the stage, he was jumping off the drum kit or climbing the speaker stacks. While I might not remember any of the songs they played, I would definitely go see them in concert again.

Photos of The Death Set:

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