Paper Route Blows Minds With New EP

Paper Route
Are We All Forgotten EP

My first glimpse of Paper Route was through their Myspace page which didn’t overly impress me so I moved on. When talking with Howie from Low vs Diamond a few months back (link to interview here), he mentioned they’d be stopping back in Chicago. As it turns out, Paper Route was going to be opening for them. So, I took another look at the Nashville quintet and in my search for more information on the band, I stopped off at their website. HOLY SHIT!

Hit the link for the rest of the review, it’s worth it.

I’ve gotta say, I have never been overly impressed by a bands website…and, I still haven’t because I don’t consider it a website; it’s simply visual extension of their Are We All Forgotten EP, brilliant. The video is the perfect complement to the music; It reflects the swells of the synths and the ebb and flow of the vocals precisely. I haven’t had such a strong reaction to music since I first heard Radiohead back in high school. Keep in mind my reaction to Radiohead was heavily influenced if you catch my drift…

Now I’m spoiled. I can’t imagine listening to this album any other way. I have it ripped to my PC but I still find myself heading to the website for the full effect. Well done Paper Route, well done.

Before you go to the site:

  1. Find your favorite pair of headphones (unless you have a nice set of speakers).
  2. Maximize your browser and mute any programs that make sound.
  3. Make sure flash player is installed.
  4. Finally, get comfortable and click here for a transcending experience.

Here’s the link again:

(only $2.71 at the Amazon MP3 store!)

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