What to do on a Sunday night?

Sunday seems to have an awful stigma to it. Society labels it as a day of rest, as do some religious groups. I think people usually tend to lay low on Sundays because it’s the day before the dreaded MONDAY, where normal people have to wake up early and go to work. I saw normal for those who work 9-5 jobs or have to head off to school.  Some jobs like mine are not 9-5.

I usually hit up Barnes and Nobles on Sundays for some coffee and a good book or catching up on my news magazines. Then I hit up our local ice rink for some good old local hockey, but there are the days when I can catch a really good show that makes us forget it’s Sunday.

Need to Catch a Show on Sunday? Check out:

Megan Combs @ The Backstage at the Bitterend in San Diego, CA

She’s one of San Diego’s local singer/songwriter. Check her out and you tell us what you think!

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