Blink-182 Reunion?!

More Please!

According to an article posted 11/19/08, on Spin magazines website, Travis Barker’s near death experience may have triggered the most anticipated punk rock reunion of our generation. After Blink-182 split in 2005, I don’t think anyone thought there was even a remote possibility of a reunion. But, whether Tom feels bad about almost losing his ex-bandmate or missing out on the cash cow that will be the Blink-182 reunion tour, we may never know.

Apparently the trio started spending some time together after the accident and while a tour isn’t confirmed yet, I don’t see how they’ll pass up the opportunity to make millions. I’m not hating but I think alterier motives may be at work instead of a genuine “I missed you guys” reunion. It feels more like a Smashing Pumpkins reunion than say Led Zeppelin.

Don’t get me wrong, The Mark Tom and Travis Show is one of my all time favorite CDs and I’ll definitely be buying tickets to the tour (if it happens.) But, do yourself a favor and get some actual facts by checking out the article here:

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