Matt Nathanson Helps Chicago Get Higher

Matt Nathanson
House of Blues – Chicago, IL
November 20, 2008Matt Nathanson House of Blues - Chicago, IL

The first time I saw Matt Nathanson live in concert was when he was the opening act for Tori Amos back in 2005 at The Auditorium Theatre here in Chicago. My friend Leah and I were had seats in the center of the 4th row. All I remember of his set was how he performed all alone with his acoustic guitar and a microphone while standing inches in front of the curtain that was hiding Tori’s stage set up from the crowd. I had no clue who this guy was, but I fell in love with him on the spot. I was blown away by his energy, sense of humor, guitar skills, voice, and songs! I was hooked from the moment he played a little song called “Detroit Waves,” which he told the audience he had written the day before while in Detroit for the day on the Tori tour. Now you can find the song on Matt Nathanson‘s latest album Some Mad Hope, which was released in August 2007. It just goes to show you that artists write songs sometimes two and a half years before you can hear it on a record of theirs. But let me tell you, Nathanson‘s songs are worth the wait. His current hit single “Come On Get Higher” is being played on Chicago’s 101.9 FM The Mix all the time since the beginning of last summer. It took almost a year to get major commercial radio airplay in the third largest market in the country, but gosh darn it he did it! I still remember the first time I head “Come On Get Higher” on the radio. I was driving to work last June, cruising down Lake Shore Drive, just approaching downtown Chicago’s beautiful skyline. It was a weekday after rush hour, so I was speeding along quite nicely with the windows down, wind blowing my hair everywhere! The first thing I felt when hearing Nathanson‘s song in my car was pride. I was so proud of him that his music was getting broadcast to over 1 million people in the Chicagoland area. He deserves to be heard.

Check out some photos of Matt Nathanson from his first of two SOLD OUT shows at Chicago’s House of Blues:

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