Murder By Death Plays Chicago’s Metro

Murder By Death
Metro – Chicago, IL

Murder By Death Metro - Chicago, IL 11/20/2008Imagine walking through the backwoods of Indiana and stumbling upon an old farmhouse left untouched for decades. Enter Murder By Death and their dusty rock sound.

Before their show at Chicago’s Metro, I got to sit down with the band’s lead singer, Adam Turla. I will post the full interview within the next week and add a link here.

I became a fan of Murder after the hearing the single “Brother,” from the record In Bocca Al Lupo, a concept about sin and sinners. I caught them on tour with Clutch last spring and again this summer at Bash on Wabash. This month’s show makes for three seasons of MBD and I cannot wait for the fourth sometime in February.

J Roddy Walston and the Business, a rock quartet out of Baltimore, MD, managed to catch the crowd off guard with their in-your-face straight rock sound. After J Roddy’s energetic set, William Elliot Whitmore got intimate with the crowd; just a guitar (or banjo,) his soulful voice, and some whiskey donated by various crowd members. Turla was right, definitely a drinking crowd.

Unfortunately for me, I took Turla’s statement a little too serious and by the time Murder took the stage…well, we will just say I was having a good time. I was having such a good time that I don’t remember much of the show. Much to my surprise, I ended up with some stellar photos and even snapped a shot of the set list. Even though I didn’t snap a photo of him, Vincent Edwards, the former keyboardist was back for this show. And, there are plays to have him back full time; look for an official announcement on their web site soon.

According to Turla, their biggest crowds are right here in Chicago. That is exactly why they are coming back for three small venue shows this February. I will make sure to post once I find out the dates.

Photos of Murder By Death:

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