Oxford Collapse Opens for Kaiser Chiefs

Oxford Collapse
Park West – Chicago, IL

Oxford Collapse Park West - Chicago, IL 11/13/2008Thursday night Brooklyn rockers Oxford Collapse opened for Kaiser Cheifs at the Park West. They’ve been around the past few years but don’t seem to be making too much noise although they have gained attention from both SPIN and Pitchfork Media. With 4 albums out, including 2006’s Remember the Night Parties, they do a pretty good job at pumping out material. I have to say that I love the cover of the latest album BITS.

This was the second time that I’ve seen Oxford Collapse this year and I didn’t notice much difference. A short set with a few jokes in between. The joke of the evening was “make sure you get out and vote” and it had already been eight days after the election. Oxford Collapse play hard and get pretty loud but since the Park West seems to have more of a lounge feel, I don’t think it was the ideal venue for them. In the end things worked out and people made their way to the standing area from the booths and tables in the back. If you dig the sound of bands like the Liars or Ra Ra Riot you should have no problem throwing in a little Oxford Collapse in between. They’ve got that indie sound but sway a little towards punk with groovier bass lines. A little 80’s actually. BITS is out now on Sub Pop Records.

Photos of Oxford Collapse:

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