The Lemurs – A Million Little Bits Review

The Lemurs
Million Little Bits

By: Grace Ford

The Lemurs show a unique versatility with their new EP, Million Little Bits (just $4.95 at Amazon.) With a wide range of genres and styles represented over the span of five tracks, it’s quite impressive. The group from Austin, TX managed to convince me that each track on the EP was recorded by a different band. And while that shows a lot of talent, I’m not sure it’s such a good thing.

The first two tracks, “Nina” and “Blackspot,” have a great tone and style to them. They both have that “swell factor” with resonant harmonies and complex layers of instrumentation. Both tracks have catchy hooks, hand-clapped beats, and a definite tone that speaks to The Lemurs’ self-described “Indie Rock” genre. Those first two are great; love them. The third track, however, is where things get foggy in terms of the band’s style and sound. “Yours, Mine, Ours” is a track that really reminds me of The Cure. Not saying this is a bad thing, but if you’re going to bust out a brooding Robert Smith-esque love song, it better be epic. The fourth track, “Waiting Outside,” really threw me through a loop. With an almost techno beat and synthed out robot vocals, I was seriously confused; this track really doesn’t belong here. The final track, thankfully, reinstates the clean-but-complex sound we heard in the first two tracks.

Overall, The Lemurs have found a unique middle ground between Indie Rock and Electronica. Though the EP wasn’t as cohesive as most, these guys definitely have a lot to offer in terms of musical diversity and innovative instrumentation. Hopefully the Lemurs are just throwing a bunch of material at the wall to what sticks and I hope the full length with sound like “Nina.”

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