Luaka Bop’s Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt At Lit Lounge On 12.18

All Kinds of Awesome!!
Indie collective Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt launch a mini tour winding up at NYC’s LIT Lounge on December 18th
If you have yet to see this never-ending romp of a dance party; looped pianos and saxes race on top of crappy synths and ill beats, and like twenty vocal takes (seriously, like totally rivaling Broken Social Scene status) are mixed in there somewhere.

Listen to Fast Forward Regrets!

“The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! have caused a stir closer to home with their high-energy gigs and ridiculous costuming”

Pop Matters:
“These guys were concerned with nothing but a positive message and having a good time; a massive amount of relief of bands taking themselves extremely seriously.”

Quiet Color:
“All kinds of awesome. For a group of kids bouncing around in costumes, with only one live instrument, and just one microphone, you’d think they would sound like a jerk off distraction from psychology class. They’re actually pretty awesome”

Tour dates:
Dec 5 – The Bread Factory Montreal, Quebec
Dec 7 – 95 downing apt 1– Pizza Party & House show- Worcester, Massachusetts
Dec 18 – LIT Lounge- New York, NY

Who are Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt?In the summer of 2005 Neil Fridd got caught in a deadly lightning storm. Looking up to the heavens, Neil pleaded with St. Anna for his life. If she were to spare him, he promised, he would make the best band ever.
Three years later, Neil is a) alive and b) the best band ever. The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt is a never ending romp of a dance party; looped pianos and saxes race on top of crappy synths and ill beats, and like twenty vocal takes (like seriously rivaling broken social scene status) are mixed in there somewhere. With the exception of the occasional dramatic detour, (fighting John Wilkes Booth, breaking Santa out of Jail) subject matter is all real life experience. This, aside from their uncanny ability to be “John Wilkes Booth proof,” is what makes TPDR so special: these are severely catchy, dancey pop songs that actually have lyrical content. These are songs about friends, romance and everything else that rules in life, presented in a comic, yet somehow deathly serious, way. These are songs that simultaneously make you feel something in your heart and in your feet, songs that you haven’t heard in almost a month, but for some reason woke up with stuck in your head this morning.

Live, TPDR becomes a whole new beast altogether. Neil is relentless, running through crowds, scaling things, doing acrobatics, all this while wearing a giant Ultimate Protection Suit, that is, 100   stuffed animals sewn to a jumpsuit, turning him into some kind of childhood head of the bed gone wrong. His instrument: lights. While singing and dancing Neil’s hard at work orchestrating an elaborate light show. Old lamps, giant inflatable storks and cats turn on and off. Strobes, disco balls and every other kitschy item any college student has ever had in their dorm ever that flash: think Daft Punk with a $16 budget. Meanwhile, the Grrrrl Police, an elite force of enthusiastic singers and dancers (the same blessed souls who lend their voices to TPDR recordings) parade around dressed as giant pizzas, Christmas trees, houses and every other thing that might make humans feel warm. Together, Neil, the Grrrrl Police and the audience create something rare and spectacular: a really, actually, genuinely fun concert. There is no such thing as not singing, there is no such thing as not dancing, those things exist in a world where there is such a thing as “cool” and “not cool.” This is the Terror Pigeon’s world: there is only “awesome.”

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