Phony Kanye Twitter Page

I just so happen to be on Twitter last night & ran across a Kanye West page & wondered if it was really him or not. According to Rolling Stone Kanye West’s Twitter isn’t his own account. Taking to his blog over the weekend, West posted “I don’t know anything about this…This is not me!!!” and posted an image of the faux-Twitter account, which asked the question “Who the fuck is Stephen Colbert” in the hours following Colbert’s launch of “Operation Humble Kanye.” And past Twitter postings like “and I just keep doing my thing…putting out G.O.O.D. music and cultivating my craft” and thanking America for electing Barack Obama. The page seemed like another way West could send out messages on the fly but people say it wasn’t updated nearly enough for it to actually belong to West who posts up to ten times a day on his blog. I guess we will never really know!

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