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Smashing Pumpkins 20th Anniversary Show: Not What I Was Expecting

Smashing Pumpkins
RIMAC Arena- San Diego, CA

Well, the concert seasons seems to be slowing down and I can’t help but be disappointed in the fact that the show I actually paid for kinda sucked.  When I went to the Smashing Pumpkins concert on the 30th for the 20th Anniversary show it wasn’t up to par. I did have a good time because
a) I actually paid for this ticket and made myself enjoy the show
b) I was with friends.

It was the Pumpkin’s 20th Anniversary show and the group of us that went were expecting the Smashing Pumpkins circa the 90’s. What we got was Billy Corgan’s new Zen music. Not that it is bad music it’s just not the Smashing Pumpkins that this Northern Illinois born and raised girl was accustomed to. I really wanted to hear what made the Smashing Pumpkins the Smashing Pumpkins, think Siamese Dream and Melancholy. There were only 4 or 5 recognizable songs. The sound was too loud to even distinguish between songs too which made it harder to enjoy.

Billy was the Billy I remember from the 90’s wearing things that are just out there. Example, Billy was wearing a long sleeved tee with a black fringe skirt with Converse on. He even appeared in a top hat near the end of the show. The lighting was great but something had to balance out the horrendous sound. I wish someone on the soundboard realized that turning the master volume down would have made things sound 200 times better.

I was trying to do a setlist but I didn’t even recognize 90 percent of the songs, which is sad because I love the older Smashing Pumpkin’s music, and only knew several of the songs they played that night.

They did play:
The Rose March
Tonight, Tonight
Bullet with Butterfly Wings

If you go to the Anniversary show don’t expect old material…brace yourself for the new Billy Corgan.

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  1. davin says:

    your comments are surprising. there was much more old stuff in the setlist that you should have recognized if you know the Pumpkins back catalog. plenty of new stuff too, but i think your comments are misleading because you’re leaving out huge oldies like Soma, Cherub Rock, etc.

    Superchrist (if all goes wrong)
    As Rome Burns (new)
    Bullet with Butterfly Wings (mcis)
    Bodies (mcis)
    Gossamer (if all goes wrong)
    Tonight, Tonight (mcis)
    Eye (lost highway)
    Tarantula (zeitgeist)
    G.L.O.W. (new)
    A Song for a Son (new)
    I of the Mourning (machina)
    99 Floors (if all goes wrong)
    Owata (new)
    The Rose March (american gothic)
    Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (mcis)
    Soma (siamese dream)
    Cherub Rock (siamese dream)
    Zero (mcis)
    Heavy Metal Machine (machina)
    Glass’ Theme (machina 2)

    The March Hare (new)
    Suffer (gish)

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