Warning: Watch Your Ears!

Yesterday morning I woke up to radio static in my ears. It’s too bad the radio wasn’t on.  I went into a bit of a panic. I really couldn’t hear anything out of my ears. Not only did I hear static it felt like someone cupped their hands around my ears, and everything was muffled.  Sadly, today my hearing is still the same. I’m hoping that my hearing will come back in the next few days. I am in the business of needing to be able to hear music considering that’s what we do here at the Dead Hub.

I wear earplugs at most of the shows, but sometimes I don’t have my earplugs with me. There really shouldn’t be an excuse because I am now suffering the consequences of not wearing them ALL the time. I must admit the Smashing Pumpkins show I just went to I didn’t wear the plugs and that was a LOUD concert. Not that every concert isn’t loud, but this one was louder than usual. Then I went to a Christmas Party where everyone had to scream at each other to talk because the music was loud and we were  in the basement of a bar.

All I can say is if you are an avid concert goer like me and the rest of the crew at the Dead Hub, please remember to wear earplugs of some kind. Something is better than nothing. I actually shouldn’t say that because if you wear them wrong it can be just as bad as not wearing any.

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