Ryan Star’s “Right Now” and Yes, He Just Had Sex

He looks insanely good and has the voice of Gavin Rossdale. His music is between the rock voice and pop anthems, so I’ll call it alternative music. His music was also featured on WWE for John Cena’s comeback theme song, “This Could Be The Year.” He has a solid following in New York City and was picked up by Atlantic Records. Best of all, Ryan is also incredibly honest and forthright with his fans. If you follow Ryan on Twitter you know what I am talking about. He recently Twittered that he just finished having sex. He seems like an interesting fellow to follow. Check out his Twitter profile here and his video for “Right Now” below.

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  1. He appears to be one of those private, keep-it-to-himself kind of guys.
    FYI: we are working on an interview with him in January so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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