The Devil Makes Three Play in LA on 12.27.08 & 12.28.08 at HOUSE OF BLUES

The Devil Makes Three play in LOS ANGELES
at The House Of Blues on 12.27.08
& 12.28.08 for their last live shows of 2008!

Again, if you didn’t catch them last month,
make sure you don’t miss this trio’s punky
vintage American
backporch blues this time!

Laced with elements of ragtime, country, folk and  rockabilly, the critically praised, drummer-less trio – consisting of  guitarist/frontman Pete Bernhard, stand-up bassist Lucia Turino and guitarist  Cooper McBean – brings forth a genuine approach to acoustic music that is deeply steeped in rhythm and alive with three part harmonies which is pleasingly dissimilar to most other bands in modern music.

Listen to Old Number Seven here!

Check out the LIVE show here!

Self titled debut out now on Milan Records

The Devil Makes Three
had the goal  of being “an acoustic band but to play our shows like a rock show,” the band  changed notions of what acoustic music could be. Mixing styles from the  ragtime and country music of the twenties and thirties to the rock-and-roll  and punk music of their adolescence, The Devil Makes Three pushes the  boundaries of acoustic music. Citing influences as varied as Steve Earle, the  Reverend Gary Davis, Memphis Jug Band, and Django Reinhardt, the band combines  tight vocal harmonies with idiot-savant finger style guitar to create an  exciting and original sound. The end result is genuine blues  music that thrives as much in a live setting as it does on The Devil Makes Three.

Quotes and Quotes:
BPM Magazine
“From the  musical gumbo pot of slide guitar, harmonica, and tenor banjo on their  self-titled debut, it’s hard to believe that Devil aren’t from some backwoods  swamp.  Nevertheless, songs like “Old Number Seven” mix buoyant acoustic  guitars and booze-drenched lyrics for a potent concoction of hangover  music…With their raucous, energetic live set, the combination has definitely  proven successful – all the while appealing to surprisingly disparate crowds.”
“…not as polka-folk-psychedelic as anticipated,  rather using elements of a grandiose orchestral experience and coupling it  with acoustic guitar to produce a precise and melodic sound.”

SF Weekly
The Devil Makes Three doesn’t have a drummer, but the band doesn’t need one….. a sound that combines bluegrass, old-time music, folk,  rockabilly, and Piedmont blues and ragtime, all played with a blazing  punk-rock attitude.”

LA Examiner
“Although they’re an  acoustic outfit, their adrenaline-fueled mélange of ragtime, folk, blues and  primitive country has won them fans of all ages from grandparents to  grandkids.”

Like the Violent Femmes before them,  Santa Cruz’s the Devil Makes Three infuse their country-bluegrass swing with a  raucous punk spirit….Devil Makes Three are a rare breed: wild  traditionalists.”

“the gypsy-folk,  pirate-camp and whiskey-whore sound of The Devil Makes Three is a welcome  addition to this under-appreciated sub-genre.”

Dec 27 2008 8:00P House of Blues LA, California
Dec 28 2008 8:00P House of Blues LA, California
Jan 16 2009 9:00P The Independent SF, California
Jan 17 2009 8:00P The Independent SF, California
Jan 23 2009 8:00P The Phoenix Theater Petaluma, California
Jan 24 2009 8:00P The Blue Lamp Sacramento, California

For more information please contact Samantha Tillman

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