Hey! Hey! It’s the Love Willows! (At Last)

The Love Willows
Hey! Hey!
Decca Records
Tentative Release Date: 1/27/2009

Many artists consider getting signed by a major label a huge milestone that gets them set for life. Try having that glory taken away as the label goes through “management changes” and firings, as Virgin did, and as Hope Partlow of The Love Willows experienced first hand. By the age 16 she was signed by Virgin just to have it all taken away–she had to start back at square one.

Today she paired up with Ryan Wilson, who plays guitar and produced their debut album, “Hey! Hey!” which has a tentative release date of 1/27/09. When I say “paired up”, I mean it was an immediate chemistry between the two. Hope says about the new album, “It’s a product of what we’ve gone through as a couple, the battles and the glories; everything that’s happened in the past few years.”

The album is packed full with great pop/rockabilly tunes. Some favorites and highlights are “Shoes”, “ A Day in the Life”, and “Falling Faster.” If you download any songs off the album, it has to be one of the previously mentioned. “Falling Faster” is the first single off the album. The video is in cute 50’s style filled with a classic California ambiance.  You can check out the “Falling Faster” and “A Day in the Life” here. The album has been plagued with delays; it’s the great game of politics even on Decca Records.

On the track “Shoes” Hope sings about love and her shoes. It’s not everyday there is a love song about shoes. I am surprised because there aren’t many women who don’t love their shoes. Hope has a classic rockabilly look in her 50’s style dresses that go along with the heels she sings about. I haven’t seen a promo picture without her in one of these dresses and shoes. I would love to take a look into her wardrobe, because the woman has style.

If you are looking for a ballad on this album you aren’t going to find one. You may find love songs but not traditional slow temp love songs. The entire album is upbeat. In The Love Willows’s World the sun is always shinning, even when Hope sings of waiting for her baby.

Watch MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood? The season finale featured the song “Strut My Stuff” which is Hollywood Rockabilly. Its lyrics remind me of Hollywood and the egocentric barbie dolls walking down Rodeo Drive just to be seen.

Overall the album is one those albums that takes you a place in your head. My place is in my car driving on the California coast passing the beaches on a bright sunny day. It’s the same feeling the Beach Boys gave me while growing up in the Midwest.

Grade: “A” for the great pop/rockabilly sound

Note- this album will be difficult for them to follow-up. Hey! Hey! sets the bar even higher for the next album.

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