My Take on Madonna’s “4 Minutes”

Ok…I am going through the Dead Hub posts and re-categorizing every post. Yes, it painstaking and time consuming especially since we have nearly 800 posts. I realized, “Wow, we have lots of content!” Then I realize that there are posts in here that never got published. Ooops! This one was supposed to be posted back on May 17th. Again, not really sure why it didn’t appear on that day. You can think of this as me remembering 2008 since I didn’t do any of those “Best of” articles.

So onward…..or backwards..

May 17th 2008

Maybe I am a little too practical. I am trying to figure out Madonna’s song “4 Minutes.” I am watching the video on YouTube right now and I can’t figure out what the song is about. Apparently they only have four minutes to say something and I wish they would just say it to get to the point. Maybe the song wouldn’t have to be 4 minutes long if Madonna would just stop chasing after the insanely sexy Justin Timberlake. By the way Madonna is 50 years young (Go Madonna!). I really have been a fan of hers for a long time but she lost me completely after her Music album. The one thing I wish I could see is her wearing more than just a corset in videos. I know she’s buff and beautiful, she knows she’s buff and beautiful, but I think next time Justin Timberlake should be running around wear almost nothing. Just a suggestion. By the way, the length of the video is 4 Minutes and 7 Seconds. Hmmmm..

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