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    Packed in the Back of a Van in Oxford, UK with Esoterica

    Here is the interview from October of ’08 straight from Oxford, UK. A very special thanks goes out to LJ Rich at Perfect440.com for interviewing the guys.

    Check out their latest album The Fool that is out now.

    Also check out their latest music video for the song “Silence” or just pre-order it here.



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    1. […] EsOterica has finally created their own mold with a new, heavier sound! Their previous release, The Fool, was a great album, but it was nothing new and sounded similar to A Perfect Circle (not that it’s a bad thing). However, as soon as I queued The Riddle in my MP3 player I knew I was in for something great-and this album is definitely awesome and different. It was one year ago we sent Ms. LJ Rich to interview esOterica in the back of their van. […]

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