The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas

Photo by LJ Rich
It’s that time of year again when I head to Vegas to the see the latest in consumer electronics.  I ultimately go to the latest in mobile gear and music. I skipped the Billboard Music Conference this year because last year was a waste of my time.  I hate to admit that I even spent money to go there. A blogger friend said she went to this year’s for the first half and said it was pretty boring and uneventful so she left.

It’s funny like most conferences I think people go just to go to the parties to either have fun or to network. Ok, occasionally it’s both. This year we were invited to a couple different parties and thank goodness none of them overlapped. Last night was Sony’s Online Party at Studio 54. They had life size chess and checker games as well as a huge race track set up for remote control racing.  Oh yes, there was a poker tournament going on, but I was the first one kicked out so I had the opportunity to explore the “Studio.”  I am really bad at Texas Hold ’em. It was all good fun and good times, especially hanging out with my new BBC friends and Home and Gardens.

Tonight is the Monster Party with Diana Ross. I am very excited to see what kind of show she puts on. We are going to try and get some pictures and definitely a full report on the night’s festivities. Otherwise today is a day of R&R and trying to rid of the sniffles!

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  1. yvette says:

    saw LJ’s pics of the jealous! wishing i was there!!! can’t wait to hear more. til your next post i will be lurking your twitter page.

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