The Fray Previews New Album in Chicago

The Fray
Metro – Chicago, IL
January 9, 2009

The Fray Metro - Chicago, ILIsaac Slade (piano, vocals)

The Fray came through Chicago a couple of weeks ago to give fans a preview of what is to come on their new record out next month. The Denver band’s sophomore album is self-titled and features the new single “You Found Me.” The quartet’s hits, such as “Cable Car (Over My Head)” and “How To Save A Live,” were performed early on in the set in order to make room for the new material the band introduced the audience to that night at Chicago’s historic Metro. The Fray played to an overwhelmingly packed sold out crowd. To be honest, I have not attended a sold out show at the Metro in months! It was crazy to see the venue so packed and not be able to freely move around the main floor. I would have thought this band could have played the Chicago Theatre for more than one night. Lead singer Isaac Slade sang while taking turns on the piano and simply standing up in front of the crowd. I personally would prefer him to sing every song while simultaneously hitting the keys. But hey, that’s just me. Slade also told fans about his adventure to the LakeView YMCA (of which I am a member!) earlier that day. Apparently, all the dude wanted to do was swim in the Y’s pool. He ended up lost in the womens’ locker room (my locker room!) while attempting to take a shower. Ah, wish I could’ve been there to witness that scenario. Of course, that Friday was the one day I didn’t go work out. Check out more photos of the guys after the jump…

The Fray Metro - Chicago, ILJoe King (guitar, vocals)

The Fray Metro - Chicago, ILBen Wysocki (drums, percussion)

The Fray Metro - Chicago, ILDavid “Dave” Welsh (guitar)

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