Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job @ The Vic Theater, January 24, 2009

I told my friends after the show that I probably wouldn’t wait by the White Stripes’ tour van in hopes to get in a few words with Jack or Meg. Not a lie, all three times I haven’t. However, the healthy rum buzz blended mostly with the long lasting high from the brilliant Tim and Eric show made it impossible not to wait in single-degree weather. Once twenty people had gathered we eventually left, but still, right?

Tim and Eric

By the time I entered, the sold out crowd was completely consumed in the circus of constant hilarity, and while the overall bizarreness quickly wore off, the amazement lasted throughout. I can let the YouTube collages do most of the talking, but here are some highlights.

Tim and Eric posterJohn C. Reilly’s entrance, unbeknownst to a crowd of screaming affection, was the ultimate. Ten-plus minutes in the Steve Brule character that climaxed when he awkwardly danced and played with a hot audience member’s titties says it all. On several instances Brule/Reilly used the D-word to refer to the audience: Dingbat, Dingus, and Ding-Turkey probably made the mix. Douggpound DJ’d the event and had a funny musical dialogue when Reilly explained how to fake like you know the lyrics to a song to impress the girl next to you. BIG NEWS: New York, LA, and Ft. Lauderdale will NOT get John C. Reilly, sorry.

Tim and Eric dr steve“I Sit Down When I Pee” was one of the classics from a handful of songs. The Beaver Boys’ have grown on me in some of the newer episodes, and with the aid of shrimp and white wine their bit went well. Spaghett got in a few spooks and provided a funny backdrop for Eric’s environmental advice.

The 4th season, beginning Feb 8th, god bless them, promises to be amazing. The clips shown introduced some of the best commercials; get ready for one involving slashing prices.

One thought came to mind. I didn’t see the Simpson movie in theaters with an audience, which was better than any shows from the last eight seasons or so, but I do remember that a slight complaint/interesting-note my brother made was the oddity in watching a Simpsons episode with a crowd. This, on the other hand, was stunning. The audience enhanced watching the show for sure, didn’t miss a beat, and brought a lot of joy to me knowing that such a strong following exists.

Tim and Eric 2I have still never seen a stand-up comedy show, and feel that it would be fairly weird. This was absolutely nuts and belongs in its on category. In terms of pure entertainment, this tops Superbad, and was definitely one of the best events I’ve ever been to. Afterwards David Liebe Hart (works with a puppet) went through the audience selling CDs and chatted with fans. He told me that before this he was affiliated with a religious public access television program; perhaps the best evidence I can give you to start/continue to watch the best show on television.

Awesome Show, Great Job (February 8th, don’t forget!)

Photos of Tim and Eric Awesome Show:


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