Sean Forbes & D-PAN

Sean Forbes photo

Sean Forbes is a young musician who happens to be deaf. His parents are musical but Sean has always had his own talent and aspirations. Sean doesn’t let his “handicap” hold him back in pursuing a career in music. Sean started a non-profit called D-PAN, Deaf Performing Artists’ Network. D-PAN is comprised of deaf performers and creators, music industry professionals, and members of the general public. Together they make the music industry and music culture more accessible to the hearing impaired by intertwining popular music videos & ASL (American Sign Language). “When you tell people who aren’t familiar with D-PAN that we create music videos for the deaf, they’re always taken back. I love the oxymoron of it which is why it’s so beautiful,” the 26-year-old says.

Whether it’s doing songs by Christina Aguilera, John Mayer or Eminem, Sean sees beauty in the way his deaf performers sign to music. Recording artists and songwriters gain the opportunity to reach a new, untapped marketplace, and the deaf/hard of hearing audiences worldwide reap the benefit of experiencing music and entertainment which speaks directly to them.

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  1. Marie Johnson says:

    To Sean: I saw a story about you recently and was surprised to learn about your success! You were my student at NTID..remember? Keyboarding, Business English? Congrats to you! e-mail me back at so I know you got this message.

  2. K Kitchens says:

    Just saw you last weekend at Deaf Expo in Orlando. Keep up the good work! Great videos! Powerful images! Very cool stuff, man.

  3. Sarah says:

    I heard your name on the news last night and instantly remembered you from Beechview! I think your performing is amazing. You look so great! Drop me a line, I’m interested in seeing you perform!

    Sarah Musto

  4. Kyle Brooks says:

    This post uses the word “hearing impaired” to refer to people who cannot hear. The problem with that:

    * Not all people who cannot hear (hard of hearing, deaf) can sign.
    * Hearing impaired puts too much focus on a single incapability of someone, whereas the focus should really be on what someone can do.
    * Having no hearing, or some, does not mean you are not capable. It simply means that you need a little help from other people to succeed in life because a body part is not working properly.

  5. Falon Hall says:

    Hey Sean.
    Remember me, Falon Hall, I met yu at Atlanta expo, and yu put on an amazing show and I really like it, I am hard of hearing, I reside in Clarksdale,Ms.. Im looking forward meeting yu again so we can do business.. Im a song writer too, but I never had chance to get big support like yu, feel free to contact me, I am on your friend list on both myspace and facebook. I have some video post on there, not in my own words but famous singer, I love music, I grew up listening to them, also beats. I love beat box since I was a kid, I’m really trying to spread the deaf music community all around the world and I will like to help you… Thanks..

    Falon Hall
    Hall Boii City Ent

  6. Jasmine says:

    wow this so amazing i so really want to meet you sean! i love music and everything.. I miss this one that bummer i cant beilive you did and you stand up your self… In my dream i always acting in drama with sign lanugaue with hearing people in california. You keep this up and show you what you want you rock it out sean! you are amazing

  7. Boozle says:

    Sean I watched your act at he deaf festival this year in Horsecave Ky. I really enjoyed your music but I have been unable to find all the songs that you performed at the festival. Can you tell me where I can go to get your music.

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