Epic Experience with Metallica

Allstate Arena – Chicago, IL

James Hetfield – Vocals, Guitar
Lars Ulrich – Drums
Kirk Hammett- Guitar
Rob Trujillo – Bad Ass Bass

Metallica Allstate Arena Chicago

Metallica did a 2 night show here in Chicago Monday, January 26 2009 and Tuesday January 27th, at Allstate Arena, I had the pleasure of attending the Tuesday night show.

Metallica opened with That Was Just Your Life, followed with The End of the Line, the first two tracks off the new album, Death Magnetic . Then they transitioned to one of their classics Creeping Death, and the crowd went nuts the energy level was explosive! And throughout the entire show there was applause, fist pumping, metal hand salutes,dancing, a little moshing, lots of heads banging and air guitaring (even from me), jumping, crawl surfing and people singing SCREAMING at the top of their lungs! Ha! it was SO awesome!

Metallica Allstate Arena ChicagoMetallica Guitarists are like guitar gods! Seriously, it was like a force of supernatural electricity running through their fingers against their guitar stings and the sounds electrified and engaged the crowds souls with pure emotion and pleasure. The entire performance was amazing, I looked around to see the crowds response after breaking from my own trance, to find that every one in the entire jam packed arena were all intensely into the show. And who could blame them, the music was phenomenal, the performance was epic, AND OMG the sound, stage lighting, and production was just AMAZINGG!! The sound was just right , I had earplugs but didn’t really need them. they had great lighting, lasers raced across the stage as the performed. They even had blasts of fire blowing up off the stage during there show! It was soo Radical!!! SO I must give there production team major kudos for an amazing production job, just awesome!

The band members are cool guys as well, there was a point in the show where they just kinda stopped playing and acknowledged the audience, saying they love coming to Chicago, and its been way to long since the last time they preformed here. They welcomed all of the people in the crowd that had never seen they perform live before into the family, and thanked all of the fans that have, for supporting them all this time. They were very humble and appreciative. True gentleman, and rock stars for sure.

The crowd was its typical crowd but there was some diversity there were kids, teens, parents and grandparents there! Haha there was this little kid like 6 or something with major head band earplugs on in the front rocking out! Haha! There were even African Americans, Hispanics, Middle Eastern, and other minority groups of people there rocking out and spreaded throughout the crowd.

Metallica Allstate Arena ChicagoEveryone there really enjoyed the show people were stoked during and even after the show. The fans were just caught up in pure adrenaline, and were just totally excited about the show, fans were high fiving strangers as they passed each other, yelling across the parking lot how awesome it was, smiles across everyones faces. The show was really really good. I definitely experienced first hand why Metallica are known as legends. I give this show 5 stars.

Okay thanks for reading! And be sure to watch the 51st annual Grammy Awards show Sunday February 8th 8pm ct, Metallica was nominated for 3 Grammy awards this year including Best recording Package for Death Magnetica, Best new rock album for Death Magnetica and Best rock instrumental performance for suicide and redemption a track from death Magnetica.

You Tube Clips And Highlights

Some of the highlights for the show for me were the encore Seek and Destroy, totally awesome! Here is a clip of this song being performed about 20 years ago! And the performance is still just as great as it was then, today! Maybe even better.


The other song I really really enjoyed was Master of Puppets. (another song everyone sang along too) be sure to watch this you tube of the song as well.


And one more song I enjoyed which is a little more mellow, and that was The Day That Never Comes. Here is a clip


Check out more photos from Metallica in San Diego, CA.

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    Mannn… Epic photographs for an epic band. He truly captured legends as they are. Good work Chris.

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