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Gabriella Cilmi’s Whole Lotta Love in Los Angeles

Gabriella Cilmi
Hotel Café – Los Angeles, CA

Gabriella Cilmi Hotel Café - Los Angeles, CA 1/26/2009

This was a first time for me at the Hotel Café as it was also Gabriella’s. Gabriella is from Australia and this was her first show in Los Angeles. She was showcasing in the famous LA venue that is known for breaking singer/songwriters. It’s an amazing little place. She also has a new album scheduled to be released on March 17, 2009 called Lessons to Be Learned off Universal Music Group.

The place is packed and she gets onstage and is already full animated. She opens with her ultra-super poppy “Got No Place to Go.” I call it the Caterpillar song. She sings of a caterpillar in her soul, maybe it’s an Australian thing. See the Album Review Here.

Gabriella is nailing every song as if she sang the songs in one take off the album. Ok, she did miss a line during the first song but continues singing. Could be first time nerves? I would be a tad nervous if I were an artist and was told I had a gig at Hotel Café and oh yes, you’re showcasing too.

Sanctuary and Got No Place to go are my favorites off the album and she performed them strongly. The audience seemed very receptive to her and her first American single, “Sweet About Me.” If you need a dose of some pop music that is slightly off-kilter Gabriella is for you.

I wasn’t ready for the ballads in the set but I guess she had to throw them in. She did cover Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” which received screams and shouts from the audience. This girl has a huge voice for her little body. She is a cross between Amy Winehouse and Mary J. Blige. She also covered Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” It’s the song that she says, “Blew up her world.” It was very impressive but very straining on one’s vocal chords.

Expect great live performances from this one. She has unbelievable talent and energy. Oh course she is still only 17 years old. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for future tour dates.

Got No Place to Go
Sweet About Me
Cigs and Lies
Cry Me a River
Save the Lives
Whole Lotta Love

Need more info on Gabriella?

Check out her Myspace and Official Site for news and bio.

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