Alabama’s own Vulture Whale bring you their hysterical video for single “Sugar” It’s got everything you need…LOTS of Sugar, a drumming artichoke and your daily fruit requirements

Check out Sugar!

“These Alabama club rats rock like Kings of Leon minus the ass-waggin’, addressing obsessive love with honest exasperations

Click Here To Listen To “Sugar”

More TOUR dates!
2.14-Bottletree-Birmingham, Alabama
2.28- Mellow Mushroom – Tuscaloosa, Alabama
3.6- Caledonia – Athens, Georgia
3.14- Government Street Grocery-  Ocean Springs, Mississippi
3.21- Creekside Lounge – Austin, Texas (SXSW)
3.27- The Basement- Nashville, Tennessee
4.11-The Hummingbird- Macon, Georgia
If your ears and stereo have not set up a meeting with the first
Vulture Whale record, they might want to sort that out! The straight-up and
earnest rock effort from this Birmingham, AL band will keep you
and your boom box on the best of terms.
Vulture Whale to release their sophomore effort in Spring 09 on Skybucket Records

New Press

It’s even more difficult to stop picking out the interesting bits once you’ve begun.
The Tripwire

“Spellbinding frontman Wes McDonald gives his wild-eyed tales a real sizzle, spitting tortured emotions in a funky sneer, offering insults (“You look good for a woman your age”) and existential reflection (“I’ve ’bout tried everything but dying and being quiet”) with the same itchy angst. The dude could use a sympathetic ear (or a tranquilizer).”
Spin Magazine, Jan. 09

“Vulture Whale have perfected a formula here of quirky lyrics matched by a punk rock energy on top of the easy melodic, rockabilly hooks. Buy this album, draw the curtains, lock the doors, and air-guitar away as you bounce on your bed.”
Power of Pop, Nov. 08

“The album is rough and raw, but that’s the nature of their music. It has that kind of an edge to it… the new Vulture Whale would make an excellent road trip soundtrack.”
Static, Dec. 08

“The quartet make no mistakes that this is a no frills straight forward rock record that has catchy melodies, in your face guitar and pounding drums that all combine for a good time and an incentive to come back for more…. If you are looking for a new group that may be slightly off the radar but bring that quality live bar band sound to record then Vulture Whale will fit nicely into your collection!” –
The Fire Note

Press from Vulture Whale’s debut:
There is a new sound brewing in the Old South. Birmingham, Alabama
Vulture Whale is angular power pop just as indebted to the vibes of
black-leather-jacketed Tom Verlaine and Lou Reed as they are to their
Dixie homeland.
Pop Culture Press

…an entertaining collection of rock songs.
All Music Guide

…pure rock and roll goodness where rockabilly, classic Southern rock,
and indie rock live together in a secretive polygamist marriage.
Erasing Clouds

Really great indie rock from Wes McDonald. Kinda like Polak run-up with
Dinosaur Jr.
Hybrid Magazine

Vulture Whale gets it right with this self-titled debut, and their
future releases will undoubtedly be just as exciting.
Delusions of Adequacy

…this is a band I wish I could see live.”
Asheville Disclaimer

For more information contact Samantha Tillman @ Tell All Your Friends PR

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