Lykke Li – Metro, Chicago, Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lykke Li
The Metro – Chicago, IL

Lykke Li The Metro - Chicago, IL 2/7/2009There are simply too many good Lykke Li songs for her to mess up a set; her show at the Metro on the unusually beautiful February night was no exception.

Reasons why this show rocked:

1) A Milli Cover

2) Tribe Called Quest cover

3) Kazoo

4) Fine Women

5) Sold-Out Dancing Crowd

6) Megaphone

7) Sat on audience member’s shoulder

(8) Ordered drink from audience member


Set List:

dance dance dance
everybody but me
i’m good, i’m gone
hanging high
little bit
complaint department
window blues
let it fall
a milli
breaking it up
time flies
can i kick it

Photos of Lykke Li:

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