State Radio Donates song to Amnesty International for TROY DAVIS


State Radio has donated their song “The State of Georgia” to Amnesty International one might ask, “Why?” Of course there is a story behind it. It’s about Troy Davis, a man that is currently sitting on Death Row in Georgia. He has been there since 1991 for slaying a police officer. Since he has been in jail new evidence has risen that can clear Davis’ name.

In this case authorities fialed to find a murder weapon or physical evidence tying David to the crime. Seven of the nine witnesses have changed their stories on what they saw. The most amazing part…one of the witness is alleged to be the perpetrator. Crazy!
Since 2007, Amnesty International has been fighting for Davis to receive a new hearing or trail.

To watch the “The State of Georgia” video follow the links:
Youtube Video
Myspace Video

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