Rihanna Takes Chris Back!

Rihanna Chicago 8

Ok, we have heard the rumors of Rihanna wanting Chris back. But no way! After seeing the photo that was leaked to TMZ how could she! Right? Well I had heard on the radio last night that Rihanna & Chris were at one of Puffy’s houses “talking it out”.  So they are in Miami this weekend for the big reconciliation, yep just 3 weeks after getting the shit kicked out of her the happy couple is all good now. I bet he was all like “girl I love you, you’re the one”. Who looks dumb now?!

But we should give Chris some credit, he is putting an effort to make himself look better for the court by going to anger management classes. He started this past Monday, good thing too since his court date is on March 5th. Rihanna is expected to testify…that should be interesting!

On another note…

Radio stations, the Got Milk? campaign, and Wrigley’s Gum aren’t the only ones washing their hands of Chris Brown. Sony Screen Gems will “erase” Brown’s performance from the promotion of the upcoming film Bone Deep. Also starring T.I., Brown was to be the centerpiece of the film’s promotion in the urban market, appearing in commercials and movie posters. Instead, following Brown’s alleged assault of girlfriend Rihanna, producers will focus marketing around T.I., who may still be in prison when the film is released in January, 2010. Brown’s role in the film itself will not be reduced.

Brown has starring roles in two other films in the pre-production/in-production stages: Caramel and Phenom. The director of Caramel recently has said “Chris’s current situation hasn’t had any effect on things in terms of the film. We’re still planning on working with him.” In the end, it’s the producers’ decision, and it’s hard to imagine anyone funding a film starring an actor who may single-handedly cripple the film’s success.

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  1. berto says:

    WOW! All that talent and good looks and apparently no brain, so sad, so sad…

  2. Ummm…no way…I agree with Berto. What the hell is she thinking!?!?

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