If you’ve missed YOUR White Denim, Don’t WORRY!

 Rolling Stone: Fricke’s Picks
“Like Ike and Tina Turner….. White Denim never do anything nice and easy.
The bands chopped up punk delirium is effortless sorcery, evoking Talking
Heads’ dancing-bones rock, the dervish thrash of the Minutemen and the
Strokes’ pneumatic-guitar pop…White Denim is not simple work, but
everything you get is nice and rough.”- David Fricke

NY Times:
“The Austin trio that can sound like the Ventures transplanted to Texas,
psychedelic catapulted toward math-rock, ZZ Top on a caffeine binge or the
early Talking Heads with a chip on their shoulder. White Denim should the the
proverbial hard act to follow.”

SXSW Dates:
March 14 - Saturday: Aquarium Drunkard party: Red Eye Fly at 10pm
 March 19 - Thursday: Gorilla vs Booze party: Peacock Lounge at 4:45pm
 March 20 - Friday: Little Radio / TopSpin party: Red Eye Fly at 5:20pm
 March 20 - Friday: Official SXSW showcase presented by MOJO Magazine: Radio
 Room (patio) at 12am
30- Phoenix - Modified Arts
 31- San Diego - The Casbah
 01- Los Angeles - Spaceland (Club NME)
 02- San Francisco - Bottom of the Hill
 04- Portland - Holocene
 05- Seattle - Tractor Tavern
 06- Vancouver - Media Club
 08- Salt Lake City -  Urban Lounge
 10- Denver - Larimer Lounge

 To get your fix HERE!
check out the band LIVE and UNDERWATER in The Fader offices conference room!


 Pitchfork 7.8
 "Exposion isn't so easily characterized--and the group comes off as more
 versatile, more than DIY Nuggets throwbacks....a band this chaotic and
 unpredictable probably designed those tracks to twist and turn that way in
 the first place..."

 New York Times:
 "...the album accurately captures a stagebound aesthetic that's messy by
 design and constitutionally wary of settling into a single groove for too
 long... the group gives the canny impression of knowing more than it lets

 "This Austin trio makes a uniquely wigged-out noise, like genuine Lone Star
 lone wolves, mixing psychedelic boogie and spastic punk (á la '80s titans the
 Minutemen) into shifty, sharp songs that whirl by like tornados with ADD.."

 Rolling Stone:
 "While 'All You Really Have to Do' and 'Shake Shake Shake' support that rep,
their debut full-length shows a more versatile outfit..."
 "The pop sensibility behind all this sprawling, sweaty R&B, mixed with a
 heavy dose of the roadrunner speed and snarl of garage punk, is what drives
the haphazard beauty of this album.."

 NY Times on ACL show:
 "White Denim, an Austin three-piece with a slashing, raucous, elastic
 rapport, played on a secondary stage to a relatively sparse crowd it was up
 against the Raconteurs and Gnarls Barkley  but made its point in a way that
 felt both focused and unhinged. "Don't Look That Way at It," from the band's
forthcoming full-length debut album, featured an epic roil of pounding toms,
 wordless vocals and a surprising, squiggly guitar riff."
Check em out on Myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/bopenglish

 For more information contact Samantha Tillman at:

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