The First Concert that Kicked Off the Dead Hub

lollapolooza 2007(backstage perspective from 8/8/07 Lollapalooza)

Wow..I have been messing around with a few things today and one of them was my Picasa account with Google. I found some great old stuff that was once posted on the OLD Dead Hub before we switched blogging platforms. I remember ripping Lance Armstrong a new one and having pictures from when I was working Lollapalooza in Chicago circa 2007. I have a couple pictures from the backstage perspective of the Lolla crowd. I also remember meeting Eddie Vedder’s brother. I also remembering I couldn’t get close enough for good pictures of Regina Spektor. Remember I had to work Lolla for C3 Presents and not as a member of the press, so I just had my little point and shoot. Actually, Lolla is what got The Dead Hub started. I wanted to start writing about my concert experiences from a working perspective. I remember writing about Lolla and as I brought more writers and photographers onboard, the publicists and artists came a knocking at our door.

More pictures from Lollapalooza 2007 after the jump…

Starting today I am going to be pulling shows out from the Jessica Emmerich archive. I am talking older Sammy Hagar and the likes of No Doubt circa 1999 and past Warped tours. I am sitting on loads of concert photos before I ever started the Dead Hub and I’d like to share them. I hope Jennifer, Yvette, Chris, Joe, and Celia do the same. So start keeping your eyes peeled for some old school shows that are going to be popping up here. Funny part is I think I have to ask my mom to send me my concert photo albums. They would still be at my parent’s house in Illinois and didn’t make it to California.

For the Old School post today I give you the show that started this blog…Lollapolooza 8/8/2007 with Pearl Jam and Regina Spektor.

Let’s start out with stating that 2007 was the first year Lolla tried going green. I remember eating with forks and spoons that were biodegradable and made from vegetable oil. Plus, there was a contest going around if you could collect 14ft(can’t remember the exact height) of used cups off the grounds you would receive a free Lolla t-shirt.  It really is amazing what people will do for something free. These two ladies were going for gold and I had to get a picture of them. They were so funny and having a good time being “green.”

lollapolooza 2007Next up is Regina Spektor best known for her song “Fidelity” that recieved much radio play and she was also featured at VH1’s You Oughta Know artists.

lollapolooza 2007

lollapolooza 2007

lollapolooza 2007

lollapolooza 2007

lollapolooza 2007(This one is another backstage perspective shots)

lollapolooza 2007

Then of course it’s not an outdoor festival unless it rains in the MidWest. I am sure I am going to get ripped a new one from the person who’s in this picture. This picture  should give you an idea of the amount of mud we had to deal with working Lolla. I was equally dirty and still own the gym shoes I wore. I call them my “Lolla Shoes.”

I am still debating if I want to re-tell my Lance Armstrong story…maybe another day.

Photos of Lollapalooza:

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