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Three intimate parties in one, Art, Music & Fashion: Planet Yelp Elite Party!

Planet Yelp Elite Party
February 26, 2009
Fulton Market:
Mars Gallery + Jupiter Outpost Café


 img_3779-pt-2(these painted gummy bears were everyone’s fav!)  

Yet another yelp event that went off without a hitch. Can I just say I absolutely love yelp events! Where else can you get invited to party with elites, take pics in a photobooth, have a few drinks, try new food all while looking at some great art!


Me & my fellow yelpers enjoyed art, fashion, & music all night while mingling with other yelpers. We indulged in sweet treats and light bites courtesy of Landrin chocolates, Thai Urban Kitchen and Blackbird Restaurant, and of course…a little liquid courage in the form of complimentary Shiner Beer, Jupiter Bombs, and MARScato cocktails by Barefoot Wines. We even had a chance to capture the fun by jumping in the photobooth courtesy of the always awesome!

Mars Gallery is 2 floors filled with spectacular art, I have to admit I didn’t take as many pics as I intended for a few reasons. First, it was just a jam packed little space & my camera was not well equipped to handle the dark corners & super lit paintings. Secondly, I was too easily distracted by the photobooth & champagne cocktails.


::::jumps back into the booth. flash.flash.flash.flash:::::


Ok back to the event after the jump!


The Gallery:
During the 1960’s and 70’s, Mars Gallery was an underground nightclub called “Space Place”, a rave location, hosting huge outlaw warehouse parties. The loft parties were running completely illegal…the building didn’t even have electricity, but someone would hotwire power lines directly out onto one of the telephone poles running through the back alley to bootleg at least enough electricity to run lights and amps for the bands. Many famous bands of that era played here, including The Ramones and many legendary Chicago DJs tore it up on the turntables. Word on the street claims the gallery sits atop an “energy vortex circle.”



The Vortex:

According to parapsychologists, most the wild energy that has been observed here over the years can be attributed to the fact that the gallery space itself is located directly on top of one of the Earth’s “energy vortex circles”. The epicenter of the vortex is located near the center of the Gallery’s western most wall about 70 feet south of the Fulton Street side of the building. From that center the vortex radiates in a northeastern direction in a slightly oblong shape. The Fulton Street Vortex is one of the few known cases where an energy vortex exists within an urban environment.




That earth-energy has been an intriguing aspect of the creativity of the gallery artists and many have found it to be a very creative center. Sounds and one’s sense of time within the vortex can be observed to “bend” and behave oddly, and visitors to the gallery feel a real sense that something very special is at work here. Artists in particular consider the place a hallowed ground as it contains a palpable energy that you can feel the minute you walk in the door.



Designer finalists competing for the Chicago Fashion Foundation Award were presenting their winning designs at Mars Gallery during the party, and were on hand to talk fashion, inspiration and design.The design award scholarship winner was chosen at the
2nd annual Chicago Fashion Foundation fundraiser at Macy’s on March 4.

Yelp resident DJ,
Nikki C, was spinnin’ some funky tunes for everyone at Jupiter Outpost Cafe, a lofty, cool space with just enough room for yelpers to get their groove on. And boy did we! The Café was a blast, the DJ was so fun playing sweet dancing music & even took our requests. There was a whole lota shakin’ goin’ on!!


Hat’s off to the yelp crew for throwing another great bash!







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  1. Cheyl B. says:

    Glad you had fun – Colleen always throws such great parties! Also glad you enjoyed the Photobooth! :)

  2. Fashion says:

    great artwork

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