Zach Braff Introduces Meiko to Chicago

Park West – Chicago, IL
March 3, 2009

Meiko Park West

Having never heard of singer-songwriter Meiko before she opened for Joshua Radin at Chicago’s Park West last week, I had no idea what to expect. I went to the show with an open mind, ready for anything. Then Zach Braff, who happens to be one of my favorite actors on one of my favorite TV shows (Scrubs), walks out on stage when the crowd was expecting to see Meiko. Apparently, Braff was in town visiting his alma mater Northwestern University where he studied theater. On top of that, headliner Joshua Radin also attended Northwestern with Braff. Radin and Braff have kept up their friendship ever since their college days. When Braff heard that Radin was in Chicago playing a show the same day he was in town, he wanted to introduce Radin at the show. But Radin told Braff something along the lines of “No way man, you would make a fool of yourself and embarrass the hell out of me.” So instead, Braff took Radin’s advice to introduce the “lovely and talented Meiko.” Those were his words exactly – I swear. Then Meiko comes out and says something about how “extremely handsome” Zach Braff is in person. Man, that girl has no idea how jealous I am of her. I’ve been watching Scrubs since the beginning! Maybe Meiko should work on getting a song of hers placed in Scrubs, now that she personally knows the show’s star. However, she has had one of her songs featured in Grey’s Anatomy. “Boys With Girlfriends” was featured in the episode “In The Midnight Hour” from this season (Season 5) of Grey’s Anatomy. In between the Zach Braff frenzy and Josh Radin’s set, Meiko performed songs from her self-titled debut album (Meiko) released last year. And for those of you lucky folks going to SXSW, make sure to catch Meiko – she is playing a set every day while in Austin.

More photos of Meiko (and Braff!):

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  1. Michelle says:

    she is amazing.
    &sorry– but she was better than the main act. her voice is so unique and I know anyone that heard and saw her perform would be a fan- no mater what style they generally listen to.
    meiko is amazingly talented, and she is a great and funny story teller.
    i can’t wait until she comes again.

    i had never heard of her before- but the moment i got home, i went to her youtube/myspace to replay my favorite songs of the night!!

  2. Dang…when I interviewed him I should have asked where he went to school.. I didn’t know I had a fellow Chicago guy on our hands. (even if it was just for school)Nice shots of Meiko!

  3. Paulette Vincenzo says:

    She was sooooooo good live! I just bought her album on iTunes and it’s my new fave I think. She and Zach would make a cute couple, huh? hehehe

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