Chiditarod: Part Food Drive, Part Pub Crawl, Part Shopping Cart Race

Chiditarod 2009

March 7, 2009



What is Chiditarod?

The Iditarod is the famous long-distance race in which yelping dogs tow a sled across Alaska. The Chicago Chiditarod is pretty much the same thing, except that instead of dogs, it’s people, instead of sleds, it’s shopping carts, and instead of Alaska, it’s Chicago. The idea was stolen from some people in New York who have been doing it since 2003. They stole it from a group of people in San Francisco who have been doing it since 1994. Some call us the Chicago Idiotarod; we just call ourselves idiots.


Why are you doing this?
We’re probably the world’s largest mobile food drive.
Helping others and building community is sexy. And it’s important to fight cold and kill boredom. After all, it’s March in Chicago.  Plus it will be absurdly fun.


Best spot to watch the race?

The place to watch the race is near the starting line. The race began at the corner of Wollcot and Hubbard. Everyone is free to come on by to congratulate all the participants on their lack of taste as they cross the starting line. Cheer on your favorite dogs and mushers as they make their way towards the first checkpoint. Be sure to be there on time or you’ll miss the starting horn…


Are there any prizes?

Everyone’s a winner at Chiditarod!


Here are some sample prizes. Don’t feel limited to this list, however. Many prizes are free-form.

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Best in Show

2nd Best in Show

3rd Best in Show

Best in Food

2nd Best in Food

3rd Best in Food

Spirit of Chiditarod

2nd Spirit of Chiditarod

Best “Pump up the Volume”
“Chariots of Fire”,
“Eye of the Tiger”…

Best Sabotage

2nd Best Sabotage

Best Skit

2nd Best Skit

Best Chaiku

Best Fashion

Worst Fashion

Most Pathetic Display

Dead Fucking Last

Great team fun concept

Best Air Cannon

Best mustache wax

Most testosterone

Best finish


This was my first year witnessing the Chiditarod: Part Food Drive, Part Pub Crawl, Part Shopping Cart Race. The day started very early & flew by. I would like to send a shout out to Joyce & her hubby for the awesome breakfast to get everyone pumped & ready for the event. Even though my memories are slightly polluted by the Tylenol Cold I was on, the few beers I consumed on an empty stomach, & not to mention the miles walked in the torrential downpour that totally killed the mood of the event, it was still tons of fun. Everyone was (for the most part) friendly, creative & hilarious! It was great to see all the decorative shopping carts & characteristic costumes. Overall, it was super fun and I can’t thank the Pusscart Dolls enough for inviting me along for the fantabulous experience. But enough talk lets get to the photos!

The Pussycart Dolls!!!

 pt2img_3844 pt2img_3815








pt2img_3869pt2img_3871pt2img_3892Communion Anyone?



pt2img_3905Let the race begin!!!

 pt2img_3913This cart was pretty sweet, it made bacon! The team was even handing some out to whoever wanted to try.





Sabotage Story: So we get to the first checkpoint & there are a couple carts that were left unattended. Bad move on their part! So the Pusscart Dolls & others decide to sabotage their carts. There was a jump rope inside one of the carts so they decided to tie them together. Then the Madhatter came along with a chain with a padlock to lock the carts together. So Hilarious! But don’t worry there was a riddle left behind to crack the code! While on our way to our next checkpoint the dooped group came up running along behind us. Yay! They figured out the code!!! But wouldn’t cha know it these silly peeps didn’t learn their lesson. When our group came up to the next checkpoint I found the same group sabotaged yet again, this time their cart was tied to a tree! I love this race! 


Here are my sabotage photos:





pt2img_3931Oh yeah, I almost forgot. After tying the carts together, the 2 of Hearts rummaged through the carts and found some tasty donuts! So hilarious!!!


pt2img_3941The 2 teams work together to figure out the riddle!

Here are a few photos from the Cobra Lounge where teams were getting up on stage doing some skits:

pt2img_3957The team sang “Heads, Shoulder’s, Knees, & Toes”. They got a lot of beer thrown at them for that!



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