Why Print when you can Post?


I just wanted to point out something to all the old schoolers in the house. The funny part is the “old schoolers” don’t read the Dead Hub, but for everybody else please enjoy the matter-of-fact rantings of me. I am talking about the publicists, artists, and managers that don’t want to deal with The Dead Hub because I don’t throw away my money on a print version of the Dead Hub. That’s right some of the top artists and music festivals don’t grant our requests for photo passes and media passes because we aren’t in print. I have several denial emails from publicists and managers that prove this fact.  My question from the very inception of the Dead Hub is why would I put this in print? I knew printing would be too rich for my blood, and frankly a waste of time. The news comes faster online and there is no way I am dealing with printing deadlines. I would rather deal with the pressure to get news online the fastest.

All of my editors and I deal with the people who don’t embrace the online culture and I wonder how they stay alive or for how much longer. I will give you an example, the Rothbury Festival in Michigan denied us for the past 2 years. This is the excuse they emailed me,

“Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in ROTHBURY.  At this time, we
are only credentialing local and national media so unfortunately, we are
unable to accommodate your request.  We hope you understand and will still
make it out to ROTHBURY.”

I can tell you there were a couple email exchanges after this that weren’t so pleasant. They deal with the fact that I am a blogger. Mind you, Michigan is only 4 hours away from Illinois where this company is based. My Midwest Regional Editor was raised in a town VERY close to Rothbury so the “local media outlets” line is BS.

I would love to tell you about my Gov’t Mule story but I still love the band too much to bash them on here. They really only like print media to cover their shows. It’s sad because I know people who read The Dead Hub that would love to see us cover more jam bands such as Gov’t Mule.

I really have no problem with hearing  no. It’s when people feed me excuses or tell me no because I am not in print is what irritates me to no end.

I do have a point to all this ranting. It’s the fact that the print newspapers and many print magazines are folding. Many of the online aspects of the newspapers are failing to stay above water also.  I have this picture from Gawker.com that shows some of the magazines that you may have seen or even read that are folding(picture above). The San Francisco Chronicle is trying to get investors to purchase the Chronicle to make is a non-profit status to save it.  The funny part of this is that making it a nonprofit doesn’t mean it shouldn’t turn a profit. Turning it into a nonprofit would only delay the death of the paper. There are even loan sharks that are betting on the New York Times going under. So to all the publicists, artists, and managers who only want to give press to the “major print media”: You may need to rethink your strategy because print is going under.

Why Print when you could post?

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