Neighborhood Inn

Neighborhood Inn
2322 Hassell Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

my local spot


Neighborhood Inn or the hood as I like to call it was having a pre St. Patrick’s Day gala on Saturday night so I decided to stop in for a bit. The room was energized as the KJ who was dressed in full Leprechaun gear, red beard and all, got the party going with some gnarly karaoke & some sweet green foam hands, beach balls, & glow stick giveaways.   


Décor: The hood keeps it uncomplicated. The floor and ceiling remind me of my teenage bedroom in the basement, both made up of tile. There is a big bar with lots of seating on one side of the room and about a dozen or so tables with chairs on the other. There are about 10 TVs, half of them play TV shows while the others have the karaoke screen so you can sing along. There are only a couple of arcade games, Bags & Bowling, but with the endless karaoke who needs arcade games!


The Crowd: Usually the crowd is on the younger side but this particular night brought out everyone. There was a nice blend of people out for the pre St. Patty’s Day shindig. Though, I have to mention I was disturbed by one lady who wore no bra with a halter top that had a slit down the front, almost exposing a fully but for sure had serious side boob action. So not cute!


Service: The service was friendly & because of the pre holiday festivities they were very busy but attentive!


Liquid Courage On Tap:

Miller light

Sam Adams seas white ale and lager



Blue moon



Coors light



Bud light


St. Patty’s Specials included; $3 Miller Light green beer with mug, $5 Car Bombs, $4 Snake Bombs,

$3 Admiral Nelson n Coke, $2 Shamrock Shake Shots, $4 Horny Irishman Drink with UV Blue, lemonade & pineapple juice



Eats: You’ll find standard bar appetizers here, I am fond of the potato skins myself, but you will also find a slew of sandwiches, wings, burgers & salads.  


Sounds: If you make it out on a Friday or Saturday night you can count on some excellent karaoke. So be prepared to sing the night away!


Parking: The hood shares a lot with the 7-Eleven, right next to the day care center & 24/7 Laundromat. It’s a weird combination of establishments to have next to one another but whatever!


Overall: The Neighborhood Inn is your quintessential dive bar that makes you feel at home. If you still don’t have plans tonight for St. Patty’s Day check out the Neighborhood Inn! Stop in for a mug of cold green beer, a plate of Corned Beef and Cabbage and enjoy some karaoke.


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