Lenka Tells Sold Out Crowd: Just Enjoy the Show!

The Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL
March 13, 2009

Lenka The Vic Theatre

I honestly had no clue who (or even what) Lenka was before I attended her show opening for Missy Higgins. With Lenka not being the most common name in America, I had no clue where she was from (or even if she was a girl or a band). But seeing as how I knew that Missy Higgins is a singer-songwriter from Australia, I assumed that Lenka must be in the same boat genre-wise. Turns out, I was right! Lenka is also a singer-songwriter from Australia, the latter fact becoming evident as soon as Lenka took a moment in between songs to speak to the audience. “Is that an accent I hear?” is what went through my head as I was photographing this adorable pint-sized woman who plays the keyboard and the keytar. Love this girl! Piano-playing chicks who write their own songs rule! Even though Lenka is not from America, she has had her music heard by more Americans than many artists in this country could only dream of having. This is due to the fact the Lenka’s song “The Show” was featured in an Old Navy TV commercial campaign, as well as in promo spots for the hit TV show Ugly Betty. As if Old Navy and ABC’s Ugly Betty weren’t enough, her song “Don’t Let Me Fall” was placed in the premiere episode of the CW’s 90210. Check out the music video for Lenka’s “The Show” and Ugly Betty here. Being a huge Ugly Betty fan, I absolutely loved this music video, which was used this past fall to promote the current 3rd season of the TV series. In the promo spot, the actual music video for “The Show” is mixed in with past moments/clips from the last two seasons of Ugly Betty. Pretty big deal for an artist (from Australia!) to land that placement. Way to go Lenka – the official artist of Ugly Betty! If you get the chance to see Lenka live in concert, make sure you go. The best part of her set is by far at the end of “The Show” where everyone in the crowd is singing along to the lyric: “I want my money back! I want my money back! I want my money back! Just enjoy the show!” And that my friends, is exactly what I did – just enjoyed the show.

More photos of Lenka:

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  1. Michelle says:

    lenka is amazing! I loved her!
    She has a beautiful voice and sounds great live!!

  2. jhay r says:

    hi lenka very nice song i love it..?

  3. Joseline says:

    Приємна пісенька

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