Lady GaGa Brings The Fame Ball Tour to Chicago – Twice in One Night!

Lady GaGa
House of Blues – Chicago, IL
March 24, 2009

Lady GaGa House of BluesLady GaGa is fierce. Posh who? Lady GaGa owns the world of music now. Her second single “Poker Face” is the #1 Top Song on iTunes. Words cannot explain how much I love this girl. I want to be her! But honestly, who doesn’t? She can play the piano, as well as any other keyboard or synthesizer). She can sing. She writes (or co-writes) her own songs. She can dance. She does NOT lip-synch – unlike many of her pop diva contemporaries ruling the Top 40 airwaves (ahem, Britney?!). Basically, Lady GaGa is fearless. And I love her for that. The woman is only 23 years old!

I was lucky enough to catch both of Lady GaGa’s Chicago shows – the early show and the late show. Each set had the same five amazing costume changes with Lady GaGa performing the same set of songs. GaGa only had her DJ (Space Cowboy) and three male backup dancers accompany her on stage. When it came time for the slow part of the evening, GaGa was on stage alone with her piano to serenade her adoring fans. Decked out in some sort of bubble mini-dress (seriously, you should’ve been there to see it), Lady GaGa performed the increasingly popular piano & voice version of “Poker Face.” At one point during the song, GaGa asked the audience “What do you need me for?” after realizing we all knew every word and could sing the song with her just playing the chords to keep us in key.

Fans were then treated to a brand new song called “Future Love” that GaGa had recently written. Hopefully it will be recorded for her next album, because I LOVED it. Another slow acoustic piano & voice ballad, “Future Love” had Lady GaGa singing to her imaginary lover, which happened to be a mannequin. Again, you should’ve been there to see it.

“All right, let’s get to the song you all came here for,” Lady GaGa told the crowd before launching into her mega-hit “Just Dance.” Maybe the “radio fans” only came to see her sing “Just Dance” because that’s all they know, but not me. I loved every single note GaGa sang/played of every song. She. Is. Amazing. I don’t even know what else to say… Check out TONS of photos from the early show after the jump!

Set list from both sold out shows last Tuesday at the House of Blues (songs may not be in order):



Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

The Fame

Money Honey

Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

Poker Face (acoustic piano ballad version)

Future Love (new unrecorded song)

Starstruck (w/ Space Cowboy)

Just Dance


Boys Boys Boys

Poker Face

More photos of Lady Gaga:

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  1. Tara Jenkins says:

    These pictures are amazing!!! I thought that first one was from a professioanl shoot–no kidding!! What is that geometric dress about though?? It looks like she could hurt herself on it!! Great pics–really amazing.

  2. Michelle says:

    I am honestly… speechless. and for me- thats a hard thing– I am just so in awe of her talent, creativity and stage presence. I have been to so many concerts in my life– but that is the first show I have been to in FOREVER.

    GaGa is amazing– I don’t have anything else to say, except for the fact that I know that everyone wants to be her… which would include myself… and every. single. gay man.

    love the haus <3

  3. Anita says:

    First off i would like to say Great Review!! Defiantly made me wishing i was there.

    Second off My i just say i love Lady Gaga she is fun and defiantly someone that i want to be.

    Third the pictures look like amazing defiantly make me want to be there.

    i will be back to read more reviews this was fantastic!

    PS Totally Jealous!!!

  4. Miranda says:

    This pictures are amazing!
    Wish I could have scored tickets. I cant believe she is only 23, I’m 22 and Im doing nothing! Although I guess growing up with the same perks in life as the Hilton sisters does help. Props to her for doing something with all that resource and not becoming a reality show ho.

  5. Emale says:

    That concert was HOT! And so are these pics!

  6. Jen those are beautiful shots!!

  7. Do you guys think that she would do well in this year ?


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