Run Devil Run Parties at the Roxy!

Run Devil Run
The Roxy – Hollywood, CA

Jeremy Aric-Lead Vocals/Guitar
Domo-Lead Guitar
Randy Austin-Keyboards/Vocals/Percussion
Sally Hope-Bass
Dave Plesh-Drums

Run Devil Run The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 3/20/2009

Run Devil Run debuted their latest EP,5 BY 5, on Friday the 20th. It’s the first EP of new music from the group since changing their name from Poets and Pornstars to Run Devil Run. It’s a new band in essence and a new name. Don’t get me wrong, the band rocks more than ever with their new frontman, Jeremy at the helm.

If you are unfamiliar with Run Devil Run these guys (and Sally) are good old rock and roll and in the day in age where many bands forget what it is to rock Run Devil Run set the new standards for this era.  They have a massive following in Hollywood but that didn’t stop their fans in the likes of Chicago to come out and root them on Friday.

All the bands members love and acknowledge their fans and their appreciations shows. Jeremy thanked everybody several times between songs for being there for the band even through the frontman transition.

This is the second time I have seen Run Devil Run live and they feel like a tighter band already. They really know how to entertain a crowd and it helps when your bass player is a really “hot” woman that every man in the room has fantasies about. Don’t think we don’t know this boys. I see how you look at her! It’s all part of the package that gives the band such great appeal. They are all multi-talented and play to the crowd. You don’t need to know the words to the songs; even though they are catchy enough you will catch on, to have a fun night.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, watch for big things from this band! Hollywood is only the beginning for Run Devil Run.


Hey You
Sex Wine
Beautiful Being
Think You Better Go
Just Evolving
Rock ‘N Roll

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