Chris Brown Court Appearance


After almost two months after his arrest for assaulting girlfriend, Rihanna, Chris Brown finally had his day in court yesterday. For those living in a cave for the past couple of months Brown reportedly punched, bit, & strangled Rihanna. The assault left numerous contusions to her face and caused her mouth to fill with blood splattering all over herself and the interior of the vehicle.


AP claims: Brown entered his plea, speaking in a soft voice, while his mother sat in the first row, red-eyed. The 21-year-old “Umbrella” singer was represented by attorney Donald Etra, who said Rihanna is hoping that a deal can be worked out before a preliminary hearing or trial in the case, but that she will testify if required to.”She would be pleased if this was over quickly,” Etra said.


Of course she does! She doesn’t want anything to do with this case. Have you seen her around lately? No! She’s been keeping busy with work trips, mini vacations, attending outdoor concerts. She is just waiting for all of this to blow over! Good thing the law can proceed even without her testimony!


Nevertheless Brown is trying to arrange a plea bargain. If the attorneys and judge can agree on a plea, the prosecutor won’t have to prosecute the case, the defense attorney won’t have to defend it and the judge won’t have to judge it. It’s tough being a celebrity! It’s impressive that all these people get paid so much to do so little.

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