Yelp’s Mango Mixer At Bon V

Bon V
1100 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607 

Bon V Main Bar

I attended a yelp event over the weekend at Bon V and I have to be honest here, I wasn’t super impressed with Bon V. For one they were severely understaffed for this special event and the bouncers weren’t the nicest bunch of folks.

A few days before hand my friends and I decided to reserve a table at the club for a little after party. The deal was 5 girls per table with a complementary bottle of champagne and complimentary Hosted Bar from 9pm to 10:30pm. Days before the event we received our email confirmation, one table was under my name and the other was under my friend Stacy’s. After the yelp event ended the bouncers were telling us we had to head downstairs because these tables were reserved seating. I explained to him we are supposed to have 2 tables but didn’t know which ones were ours. I gave him my name and he walked away to see were we should be. After a few minutes another gentleman came along saying we had to move yada yada, again I explained the situation. Meanwhile the first guy who was supposed to be finding our table was walking by. I grabbed him to see if he found our spot and with a puzzled look on his face just shrugged his shoulders and said I don’t know. Finally Stacy got a hold of yet another security guy and after going back and forth on how they couldn’t find our names on any list Stacy finally says “Do you want to see our email confirmation!?” pulls out her phone and the guy tells her not to worry about it and sticks us at the nearest table he could find. Goodness! Was that so hard!? After getting our group settled in we realize we are the ONLY group in the VIP area…WTF? If the tables aren’t taken what’s the big deal if they are taken by non VIP people!

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Bon V Overview

Bon V 2nd Floor Tables

Bon V 2nd Floor Bar

The Crowd: The bunch was a great mix of youngsters to non youngsters. Because half the night was a yelp sponsored event it wasn’t your average club pack. But everyone was super friendly and easy going.


Service: Enough said!


Liquid Courage: My understanding is you will pay typical city prices of $10 a drink. Yikes! I stuck with the free specialty drinks featured by Absolut Mango Vodka!


Eats: Have dinner before heading out! No food served here.


Sounds: The music was kickin’! There was a wide range of tunage from NIN – Depeche Mode – Bel Biv DeVoe. So fun!


Parking: Street parking was available but can be limited as the night goes on. But don’t fret, they have valet!


Overall: Being in good company made this evening a fantastic night! Will I ever come back to Bon V? Not so much.

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