Eminem puts the “e” in Rehab

Eminem tweeted a picture of himself outside some building today calling it “Marshall Checking In to Popsomp Hills.” Eminem.com has been redone with heavy promotion for his upcoming release Relapse. This is hilarious, there is an ad that says “Advertisement” under it & when you click on it it takes you to popsomphills.com (sounds like “pop some pills”) which is a fake rehab center. This is why I love Eminem! I find this so entertaining. The welcome page says:



At Popsomp Hills we give each abuser a choice: go into rehab or risk losing everything. We use a number of cutting edge techniques to persuade even the most desperately addicted person into treatment. Our number one priority is their long-term well-being.


In the case of some drug addictions sudden withdrawal can be dangerous and frightening, so starting from the second our patients walk in the door, their comfort is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on having the lowest relapse rate in the country and being able to transform lives in the blink of an eye. Once you arrive at Popsomp Hills failure is not an option: your success is our business.


A typical on-site package lasts 60 days. Phone consultation in preparation of on-site services will assess if a longer on-site visit will be necessary.


Contact a physician: Help is moments away. Call our 24-hour confidential information line at 313-486-5975 or send us a private email to info@PopsompHills.com


If you need further assistance or just need someone to talk to…email us anytime. We want to help.


The wackyness doesn’t stop there! When you click “Learn More,” you’re redirected to the Wikipedia page for “Hell” the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy links read:

Terms and Conditions

 •Thank you for caring. Unfortunately, it will never be enough to save you.

•We are not fair people.  We make mistakes under the influence just like you did in order to get you here.

•Life is too short, party harder than ever.  We can help.

•Pain is not only tolerated- in fact it’s encouraged.


Privacy Policy

•Nothing is private in this world.  Let’s not kid each other here.

•We don’t trust you.  We don’t even trust ourselves.

•We tell our staff all of your secrets. All confidential information provided to us during the course of your treatment will ultimately be used against you.


But don’t just read the welcome page, you have to check out the About Us link and the Success Stories. 

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  1. VaultFM says:

    i kind of think that this stuff is a bit too strong i know the style but damn

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