Live From Stagecoach Day One: Kevin Costner and Modern West

We sat in traffic for over an hour just to get into the parking lot for Stagecoach. For those who don’t know, Stagecoach is in the same exact location as Coachella. The producers make more money just putting on another show the weekend after Coachella then strip everything down and put it back up months later. The cleaning crew did a great job because the ground look great after Coachella.

For the first time my computer is gracing a haystack front row waiting for Kevin Costner and his band. I’m being stared at because I am not reporting from the media tent but it really isn’t any fun back there.

Lynn Anderson just finished her set and she really had the crowd singing. She looked amazed and shocked at the crowd reaction to her set. She was so appreciative that she is STILL down front signing autographs for her fans.

My first impressions of Stagecoach are good minus the fact there are not enough water stations to fill our bottles. That is another thing to point out that I hope Lolla will catch onto. You can purchase a refillable water bottle with the Stagecoach logo on it for $10 and it’s free to fill all weekend. It is really cutting back on all the garbage around here. I already purchased my bottle as did many.

We will keep you updated all day and pictures are to come tonight or tomorrow depending on how much fun my photographer has tonight.

Update: Some pictures and review are up here!

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