Kevin Costner and the Modern West at Stagecoach 2009

Kevin Costner and the Modern West
Stagecoach 2009 – Indio, CA
Palomino Stage

Kevin Costner and the Modern West Stagecoach 2009 - Indio, CA Palomino Stage 4/25/2009

“You all look taller in person too!” was Kevin Costner’s line to kick off his performance at Stagecoach.

I don’t think any of us really believed that the real Kevin Costner was going to grace the Palomino Stage at Stagecoach. As we all packed into the tent, people were chatting about when they were going to bolt and were making other plans in case Kevin “sucked.”  Even Kevin knew that the tent was packed because people were just curious to see if he really had talent. By the way–he does.

I was lucky to get there early enough to have a prime seat on the haystack front row where I started to write yesterday. I decided that it was safer for all if I put the computer away during the performance.

More Pictures and the Review after the jump…

Kevin’s set was filled with good old rock and roll country. There were only two slower song songs in the set and one was a duet with Sara, one of the bandmate’s wives. The song is called “Let Me Be the One.” I really enjoyed it.  I don’t know if Kevin and his band write all Kevin’s songs, but if they do, I give them a thumbs up.

I really could appreciate the diversity in the songs that they played. For instance, Kevin sang about the devastation from Katrina in “5 Minutes to America” then a couple songs later he had the crowd moving with “Backyard.” Backyard is a simple song, really. It drives a point home for a lot of men. You know anybody who has broke down vehicles in their yards? You need to play them this song because as Kevin mentioned, “You will never fix those cars!”

To put an end to everyone’s curiosity, yes, Mr. Costner can sing and he’s very good at the country thing.  Plus he still looks just as handsome as ever, which helps greatly because he doesn’t have a huge stage presence when performing.  If you don’t believe me, there were just as many, if not more people in the tent near the end of his set than there was when he began.

Of course Kevin couldn’t just close the night like anybody else at Stagecoach. His last line of the night….”See you at the movies.”

The 45-Minute Set:

Took your Love Away from Me
5 Minutes from America
Long Hot Night
90 Miles Down the Road
A song about a soldier meeting his maker (sorry don’t know the song’s name)
The Sun Will Rise Again
Let Me Be the One
Hey Man, What About You (Super catchy and upbeat)

Photos of Kevin Costner and the Modern West Stagecoach 2009:

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  1. Janet says:

    I believe that first song is called “Red River” and was credited to The BoDeans by a past article about Kevin Costner and Modern West.

  2. amine says:

    thank you. his my favorite actors and singers his so sweet.
    very very thank i love kevin costner in the world .because he is beutiful and sweet in the world.

  3. deborah says:

    I was there too, and I loved it. He did a great job and I was the one in the crowd yelling “Kevin, I love you”! After the show he was so nice to sign my cowgirl hat, it’s been a thrill of mine to meet him and he couldnt have been nicer. Thank you Mr. Costner.

  4. Merci , a toi Kevin mon favorite Acteur de cinèma
    Bonne continuation dans ce que tu fait ces formidable
    Gros bisous thank you Fabienne Bouin xxxxxx


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